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Jade 02-28-2005 07:11 PM

Meet the Staff: Interview with Scarlette
When did you join Paw-Talk?
My join date says Dec. 2001, but I was here before the site was switched over to a new board, so the join date was changed.

How did you find us?
I was at a different pet site and Christi mentioned it and I came over to check it out. I liked it, so I stayed!

What is your position on Paw-Talk?
Super Moderator (I think I should have a cape or something! :lol: )

What do you like best about the forum?

Everyone gets along so well most of the time. It's like one big happy family here!

What pets do you have and what are their names?
Scarlette: 6 year old Red Doberman
Riley: 10 month old Bull Terrier
Jazzy: 15 year old Appaloosa
Maddie: 10 year old American Paint
Paige: 6 year old Appaloosa
Karmen and Kasey: 4 year old prairie dogs
Grover: 4 year old hedgehog
Little pig and Quizzy: 5 and 4 year old guinea pigs

What do you like to do outside Paw-Talk?

I LOVE to fish! I go fishing just about every weekend in the summertime and I fish in lots of tournaments with my boyfriend, his brother, and their cousin. We've won quite a few tournaments. I also love to go horseback riding. It's so relaxing.

What is your favorite thing to do when you need a "ME" moment?

Go for a long drive or take a walk with the dogs.

What is your member title and how did you wind up with it?

I hate snow! :rofl:

What does the future hold for you - what are your plans, your personal goals?

I don't think I would consider it a "goal" per say, but I really want to get married and have kids SOON! I'm 31 years old and my biological clock is ticking like mad! I've been in a LDR with my boyfriend for over 4 years now and we need to decide what the heck we're going to do. He talks about marriage alot and he's been starting to talk more about having kids. I just wish he could get a job up here and soon!

I guess my actual goal is to get my own house. I live with my mom and pay rent and half the utilities and it works out really well for us (most of the time), but I want my own place! I need something with acreage for my horses but that's going to be expensive. In another year or so I'll have some more bills paid off, so it'll be a more realistic goal then.

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