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kissbox 05-22-2005 07:17 PM

Baby Rats Need Homes*Urgent* ~NE Ohio
*Courtesy Post*

Your typical petstore 'bonus' story!! Unfortunately, the girl that received this latest surprise is not able to care for all 13 babies. They are a few days shy of being 4 wks old and are completely weaned off their mother. Due to preplanned circumstances, these rats MUST find homes by the end of the month, or they will be subject to go back to the petstore where their mother was purchased.

If interested, these guys are in Lorain, OH and consist of brown/black and hooded rexes. You can contact her directly at [email protected]


~Jennifer & The
Ratties de Shika

kissbox 05-24-2005 02:37 AM

She has 4-6 babies left (our rescue took in 6) -some rexes, some smooth coated -these guys need homes ASAP!

Since their time is running out, if anyone was wanting one(or more) for sure, but couldn't get to them by the weeks end, arrangements can be made for me to hold onto your rats until pick up could be made. Please let me know and something can be worked out.

Thank you.

~Jenn & The
Ratties de Shika

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