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Oscarman62388 06-23-2005 11:01 AM

:D My Female jack dempsey has laid eggs!!!! i was so surprised because i got two, they happened to be male and female, and on top of that they are a matched pair!! Haha he beats her up a lot so he is getting beat back now that she is guarding the nest. I also just got two firemouths, a green terror, and another oscar (my last two died of broken jaws :( ) The oscar is about 4 cm long!! he is the cutest little fish i have ever seen. The firemouths are about the same size, the tinfoil barbs are about 3 inches (ihave3) The green terror is a little smaller and he gets along with the others very nicely! my tiger barbs are about 2 inches long. My two jack dempseys are about 5 inches and change color a lot since they are spawning. Oh yeah, my little rubber lipped pleco is 3 inches. haha cute little guys. And my two oscars were good sized, im not sure what happened. The tiger Oscar was about 5 inches and the red oscar was about 6 1/2 - 7.

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