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Seijun 07-23-2005 08:54 AM

In need of help
This doesn't exactly involved dogs, but I was hoping for the support of some here anyway. Whether you "agree" with wolf/dog hybrids or not, this case deserves your attention.

"Twenty-eight dogs and wolf dog mixes and a wolf dog carcass were taken from Black Wolf Rescue in April. Black Wolf Rescue founder Robert Clifton Artois, 56, was jailed in Alexandria several days before his animals were seized from the three-acre property he rented at 19325 Fuller Heights Road. When the woman who agreed to care for Artois' animals discovered they were locked in small, feces-filled crates without food or water, she called animal control."

The wolfdogs and GSD's that had survived Artois' horrendous "care" were sent to Prince William Animal Control. Because many of the animals were allegedly part wolf, AC agreed only to release them to qualified sanctuaries (it is against their policy to adopt out wolfdogs to the general public--they also refuse to adopt out Pit Bulls and other "potentially aggressive" dogs that come into the shelter). Although several sanctuaries offered to help, AC repeatedly ignored them. In the end, they had the wolfdogs PTS, claiming that they had "done everything they could to find them appropriate placement," but that they had failed to find any sanctuaries that could take the animals. This is a lie. These innocent animals died needlessly--there WERE sanctuaries and rescues that had repeatedly offered to help. Please sign this petition to investigate Sam Newsome of the Prince William Animal Control, who is responsible for the deaths of these wolfdogs.

Here are the links to three separate articles involving the Black Wolf case:


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