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LdyDragon 08-10-2005 02:52 AM

Vibrating filter/pump
I have been letting my tank filter/pump and heater run for the last 2 1/2 weeks so that it can build up a bit of an eco-system for the fish. But I have noticed that it sounds like the filter/pump are making a vibrating noise that sounds almost like our coffee machine when it is pouring out the water.

The filter/pump is not spewing out any air bubbles or anything and is just circulating water as normal in the tank. It is a filter/pump system that sits inside in the tank in the water mostly (just the very top is not submerged)

Is this vibrating something to worry about? Do I need to take it to the store and have them look at it or is it just vibrating off something?

I don't want to get any fish until I know for sure that they will be okay in the tank.

Thanks for the help!

Amethystbelle 08-10-2005 10:13 AM

The filter in one of my tanks vibrates in my case its vibrating against the side of the tank and there is nothing much i can so about it unfortunately and i suspect this is the case with yours too especially as its been running so long already. If your at all worried i'd nip to the store where you got the tank from and just ask them if its normal or not or if there is something wrong with the filter/pump itself and if so you can then take it back. If it is normal and depending on what kind of filter/pump you have got sometimes you can attach hooks to the back to stop them touching the sides of the tank (suspending them in thin air so to speak away from the glass) which might be an idea worth looking into if the noise is annoying. Goodluck :)

LdyDragon 08-22-2005 09:09 AM

Well we ended up taking the pump into the store and it was working fine for them. Got it back home and put it back in the tank and it was making the same noise. Went back to the store and told them about it, they said it must be vibrating against the tank so we should just bring it back and they'd give us a new tank (the filter/pump for these tanks is glued onto the back of the tank) so Friday we got our new tank.

No problems so far and it's been running for 3 days now. I keep wondering if it is even working since it is SO quiet but all is good with it!

Thanks for the help!

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