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Toky-Ohki 04-18-2006 03:04 AM

Vibart spotted = ^ _ ^ =
The Hedgehog that I rescued last November from foxes that escaped from a outside tool shed, I named it Vibart.

I spotted him again last night while talking to my cousin stuart in the end of the garden, he moved from the right to left along the back of a fence down a slope and dissapeared under the now empty tool shed.

I had found him a right mess and he stunk pretty bad after foxes had been scenting on him and soiling on him, I bathed him and cleaned him up and found he was free of tics or any nasties, I then had him in a cardboard box full of Straw overnight and Transported him to grandpa rex's garden where I made a winter roost for him in Denise's old wooden lock up, I fed him a whole a whole can of cat food.

by January he had vanished, he had squeezed under a tight gap under the doors I would assume after the food ran out.

But officialy Vibart was spotted.

= ^ _ ^ =

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