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Takoda 05-11-2006 04:08 PM

can you be allergic to hedgies? I've wanted a hedgie for a long time, and instead got a couple birds, but my interest in a hedgehog hasn't waned. Nobody around here sells hedgies that I've found, and I don't want to drive for a few hours just to shove one in my face and find out I'm allergic! :( Anybody ever have any allergy issues? I'm allergic to almost everything else... not dogs though unless they're pretty dirty. :)

Fertmom 05-12-2006 08:20 AM

Well, hedgehogs have fur, so unfortunately yes you could be allergic to them. I had trouble breathing, but alot of that had to do with their bedding (dusty) and it was better when they were on liners. I also got hives and itching on my hands where the quills would poke me when holding them. It took a few years for me to develop that allergy, it did not happen right away.

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