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kathydip 04-02-2007 06:08 PM

It is not silly at all. I am still working on my two. They are a bit aloof with me. Especially Ophelia! She likes to be seen and not touched.
It is best to get them both fixed I am very happy you decided to do it. I just had my newest bunny Penelope fixed. She definitely needed pain medication. She is currently on Metacam. The first couple doses I had to force the syringe to the side of her mouth but now I let her sniff it and she happily licks it off the syringe.
Jarred baby food is good to have after they are fixed. Yummy tasty thing like winter squash and fruit flavors. Just in case they don't want to eat. You may even want to try offering it now so they know what it is and know that they like it. Penelope didn't eat until I gave her the Metacam. It is very bad if bunnies don't eat. They need to keep their digestive tract moving. Luckily 2 hours after getting her first dose she began to nibble on the fresh veggies I gave her. Now she is back to her very happy self.
I am sure that once she is healed up she will be much happier without all those crazy hormones driving her actions.

Oh and she did very well after the spay going back to her box. She is still in her own room though. She was not caged long because she is by herself so there is no one to hurt her. I was told it takes 10-14 days to heal although others say up to a month. I would try to keep them where they can see eachother.

Summer18 04-08-2007 09:55 AM

Oh What a few days. Got a shock the other morning to find Betty mounting Barney and going at it.But his bum was only pushing agains the others back sid.She was pressed against the floor and there seemed no way for any intercourse to occur.
Is this normal behaviour?? The worst thing was, that according to the vet,the genders were complete in contradiction to the actions I was seeing!! Do they swap roles sometimes?? I am confused now?

I went to a local charity hospital that caters for injured animals.It is a NGO,a non-governmental organisation,who although overworked,atleast have qualified staff.But I cud only get an appointment for a few days away. While there,I saw some of the poor bunnies people had abandoned.I cud not stand the sate they were in.If I cud I wud bring all of them home. As it was,I cud not resit a pair who constantly came to me at the edge of heir cage and almost seemed to be begging me to get them out of there.I had to adopt them. Well,now Fred and Wilma have joined Barney & Betty.

They have distinctive markings and the vet showed me how he sexed them etc. I tried the same on the Rubbles,but they both looked male to me??But I believe that at times it is hard to tell.Any helpin that department wud b appreciated.

Anyhow, my techniques may b working as the Rubbles have accepted the Flintstones.Well to the point until they took over their favourite pillow.Then,they just moved to the other side of the room.But now they r back together again...Oh these family quarrels!!

Anyway, here r their pics:-

Once again,wud apperciate info on their breed.I am told they r 'Agouri' and they wont grow much larger than this.But I am not sure as most of the bunnies r sold 4 kids in India and they only want the cute little ones.

Also, training them may b a challenge as far as litter training goes.Shud I let them share the same cage? At rpesent I have them in different ones at night.

mulder 04-08-2007 10:03 AM

oh my they're SOOO adorable!!!

Summer18 04-08-2007 11:59 AM

So now mulder, we have the starting of Bedrock. Fred & Wilma Flintstone and Barney & Betty Rubble...

mulder 04-08-2007 04:03 PM

lol thats great, will they have a pebbles and bam bam?

Sasami 04-08-2007 05:08 PM

Very cute!!

Honestly, they are probably mixed breeds. Many "pet" rabbits are. I mean, kids don't want a specific breed...they just want a cute bunny like you said ;). Once they're full grown it might be easier since you'll know how big they are.

You'll find that litter training is much easier once they have all been spayed/neutered :). So don't feel discouraged yet.

Oh, and remember that your males can still get your females pregnant up until a month after being neutered. So it might be a good idea to seperate the rabbits by genders for a little while. It would be dangerous if one of the girls got pregnant at such a young age.

Summer18 04-09-2007 11:13 AM

One problem I am definately having and have been for a while,apart from the uncertainty of the gender of the rubbles and diffrentiation between the genders, is:-

HOW TO GET THEM BACK INTO THEIR CAGE AT NIGHT WITHOUT LOOSING ALL THE TRUST THAT HAS BEEN BUILT UP. At times I have had to bribe them to get close to me then quickly hold them and cuddle them and move them to their 'HOME' for the night.I even put some of their favourite food in thier cage at night to pacify them but none of it really works. When night draws near, bthey get edgey when I come close thinking that I am going to pick them up and move them to their cage. Once inside they resolve to lounging around and falling asleep but getting them there is a problem.This after I leave the door open all day so they come and go as they please and also use it for litter and pee etc.But getting them in at night is stressful for me as well,cause I feel that all the hard work done during the da is lost!!

I wud really appreciate some advice on how to get this problem sorted as sometimes they kick and try to break free and I have to b very careful how I handle them so as not to hurt them. Also, I have to avoid the kids being around when I do it as they may start to think that that is the normal way to handle them!!!


Dragonrain 04-09-2007 12:02 PM

I had that problem with my Zeus too! He gets play time outside his cage usually from 5 - 9, and never wanted to go back in his cage for bed.

What I did is I started feeding him his dinner in his cage around the time I wanted to put him away. I feel him a bowl of greens and put the bowl in his cage, I also put fresh hay and water in there. I don't force him to go into the cage, and when he goes in himself to eat his greens and hay I shut the cage door. Sometimes still when he sees me coming he'll run back out of the cage, then I just wait till he goes back in and when he's busy eating his greens I'll shut the door.

The trick is to get them to go in themselves, and stay in long enough for you to be able to shut the door. Just one little treat probably wont work because once they go in and eat it, its gone, so they leave the cage. Maybe give them a toy they really like or a piece of carrot or a bowl of greens like I do. That way they're preoccupied with something else and don't really notice that your shutting them in.

Just be patient, they'll get the idea eventually. Zeus did! Now all I have to do is tell him it's dinner time and he goes running into his cage to wait for his greens.

Sasami 04-09-2007 02:51 PM

I agree with putting food (vegetables or treats) in the cage around bedtime. They should learn quickly, hehe. Also, rather then trying to pick them up I would try to herd them in and once they are in give them a small treat and use a command word (some people use "bedtime" or "cage"). Eventually they'll learn that the command means they go in the cage and get a treat...they should catch on :).

I tell my rabbits "go in your cage" and they are usually pretty good about it :).

litlebunnies2 04-12-2007 08:43 PM

They are soooo cute, yes they leave little bunny balls after eating. Be careful about keeping them together, unless you absolutely know that they are the same sex. They can reproduce at very young ages.


Originally Posted by Summer18
Hi all,

I have them in India and was lucky enough to get them locally here in India. Unfortunatly the person whom I got them from doesnt know much abt the breed etc. The photos r of a few weeks ago,when I believe they were 2 months old.

by the size of their ears,I don't think they r of a dwarf breed.(srry Mulder!!)

I hope this helps all u knowledgeable people out there.

I wud also appreciate some help in how to train them,especially for when they go to the toilet.(BTW,their toilet is little balls of that OK? What shud I expect when they grow up??)

litlebunnies2 04-13-2007 12:37 PM

I had my littlebunny boy neutered (neuter is male), and didn't have my littlebunny girl spayed (spay is for females). I sort of regret that because I should have gotten her spayed as well. It is healthier for them. I can't say for sure that it had anytthing to do with her lack of health at the end but I do feel guilty for not doing it. It is much healthier for them and if you do not intend to breed them you should do it. Also, it will help with their personalities, and they can stay together, There is nothing like bonded bunnies. So please go ahead and do it. BTW consider yourself loved if bunny is licking you. Those are bunny kisses and are wonderful.:)


Originally Posted by Summer18
BTW,the vet thinks they r Australian Angurie? Does this sound familiar to anyone??
He says I shud get barney Sprayed and not Betty as it is easier and less stressful.But I am not sure.It just doesn't fit with me morally. I have checked and the Rubbles arent siblings.

My moral predelictions towards flowing with nature in my own life, are causing a moral dilemma for me.I feel by spraying Barney, I am going to be trying to do something unnatural to him,purely because I choose that they shudn't breed. It makes me think that who am I to CHOOSE!!

I bet some of u out there have had a similar dilemma. Pls advise me what I shud do.


kathydip 04-15-2007 07:40 PM

I am so jealous that they are getting along so well! I wish I was that lucky. Be careful that they don't mate after all you could have 3 females and that could be a LOT of babies.
And yes, I have seen my Ophelia mount Oliver before. It can be a sign of dominance. I have a feeling that Ophelia will assert her dominance to Penelope once I begin to bond them.

Summer18 04-16-2007 12:52 AM

I took them to the vet again ystrday so that Fred and Wilma cud get their anti-rabbies injections and I cud speak to the vet again abt neutering them.Few things happenened which were of concern:-

1) It was a chore getting Betty back into the cage as it was daytime and she must have thought it was too early for bedtime. I tried to coax her with her fafvourite food(corriander leaves) etc.but that did not work. Eventually I had to pick her up forcefully and return her to her cage.In the process,it looked like she secreted some liquid on my throw cover of the couch where she and Barney have realised they can jump up and reach. I thought it was urine due to being scared.After returning,the liquid had dried white.I wasn't sure what it was.But later on in the day,while reasserting their supremecy on their territory, Betty and Barney were once again on the couch and ONLY Betty proceeded to lick the white stain until it was cleaned!! I have no ides what this liquid cud b??Any siggestions?

2) The vet now confirmed the genders and I also took the help of the pet shop owner where the vet was holding his clinic. However, according to the vet,Indian bunnies do not need to b neutered till 6 months plus,when they r reaching full genital development. He once again seemed more at ease neutering the males and avoiding the females saying thee was no need. I enquired abt whether he was just going to remove the ovaries but he said he wud remove the uerus tooBut he was concerend since spraying involved deeper surgery than neutering and the stiches were of concern to him. Also,when I mentioned that if not sprayed,there was a risk of future uteral cancer and other problems for the females but he disagreed and said he had not seen any such evidence in Indian bunnies over the years. SO I AM A BIT CONFUSED. EVERYWHERE I ASK ON THE NET,AND READ AND RESEARCH ON THE NET,I AM ADVISED THAT THEY SHUD B SPRAYED FOR HEALTH RESONS BUT THIS VET DID NOT AGREE AS FAR AS INDIAN BUNNIES R CONCERNED.
THe problem is that I have lfound little option or alernative to him.Most vets say they have learnt during college days abt rabbits but have not practical experience wiht them during their professional carriers??

SO I AM AT QUARE ONE AS TO WHAT TO DO?? Any suggestions fellow bunny companions?

Sasami 04-16-2007 01:08 AM

It sounds like your vet is unfornately not very experienced with rabbits :(. Have you asked other vets about spaying? Maybe there is another vet who specializes in smaller animals. I think the problem is that house rabbits aren't too popular in India.

I also have to say that I disagree with your vet as far as waiting until males are six months old to neuter them. Yes, it's perfectly fine but by then you'll have a couple litters. Males can sometimes breed as early as ten weeks old.

I can find the study about uterine cancer for you if you'd like. But right now I have to go to bed, lol.

Summer18 04-16-2007 02:55 AM

Hi Sasami,

Yes I am feverishly looking for other vets. I am waiting for some of the vets who cater for the Embassy staff here .They r very expensive but I hope they r more experienced. It will also mean a long drive for the bunnies to get there and they certainly dont like being in the car.They start to shiver inf right and even though I cover their cage adn put in their favourite food etc, it is still extremely traumatising for them unfortunately...

For the first time Wilma licked me today. Fred is still apprehensive and tends to hide.I hope he will come around soon too. Wilma has now taken to just lounging abt lying down near her cage even when I am around. Betty tends to want to come and lie down under my legs when I sit on the sofa etc.So I hope taht means she feels safe around me.Barney is no longer scared but prefers to sit and lie around in his favourite little hideaways.

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