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SharonM 11-06-2007 07:17 PM

Old Timers ....
I'm wondering who here has "older" doggies.

My Blackie will be 14 years old in 2 weeks. I see signs of his age all the time, but he's actually not too bad. His eyes are cloudy, but he can still see; he doesn't seem to have much arthritis even though his legs get shaky if he plays too hard; his teeth are still good - he has no problem eating, even his milkbones. He is, however, deaf as a post.
Dutchy will be 11 in April. He has a lot of stiffness in the mornings so it's tougher getting him up and around - but he still acts like a kook and plays like a maniac. It's just the getting up in the a.m. that he has trouble with.

A friend of mine has a shih tzu/maltese mix that will be 18 in December. 18 !!

HappyDancer 11-06-2007 09:27 PM

Puppers is also going to be 14...he has really bad arthritis and will play till his legs give we have to remove all toys and make him rest...his eyes are great as is his hearing...he still acts like a puppy but now needs help climbing in the truck, we no longer take him for swims in the lake or to romp in the snow because the cold makes his arthritis worse...but hes happy and well loved and pampered lol...

Lady is going to be 10 and there is no sign of slowing down with her...she is in great shape, the vet is always amazed at her age since she acts like a puppy all the time lol...I know I have a long time to go with her still and I am so glad...

I had my poodle Petrie for 19 years when I lost her, she hemraged so suddenly, before that she showed no signs of her age, I miss her so much, I still wake up and call for her, I still reach for her when I am sad...

I hope and pray I have that kind of time with all my doggies :)

VanillaRat 11-06-2007 09:28 PM

I don't have ANY dog at the moment,but I have a soft spot for the older doggies! They are so sweet.

My mom's dog is 10 yrs old.He is a terrier mix and he don't look or act his age! :approve:

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