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uMgaziRatRescue 02-15-2008 06:36 PM

Dartaion & Fae's 2008 ShowSeason
I decided that since I am a showing freak lol I would start a topic just about my shows, points... some pictures and other junk like that. The last show I went to was Feb 10th and my next show will be March 9th. Which is also the last show of this three show buckle series. I believe I am in 2nd place as far as points go because you have to have been to each of the three shows to win the buckle and so far that is three of us. Me, Emma and Gambling Gambler, and another woman who won the Open buckle and was Western Pleasure Champion in the Open State Show of Champions. I've decided though that if there is no chance of me winning the buckle I will not put out of pay for the March show. I can use that money to pay for some other future shows or the trail trial I also have in March. I'm going to list the shows I plan to attend or that I am thinking about attending below :D.

March 9th 2008
NCAA SilverBuckle Series Show 8:30am
Red Bluff Fair Grounds

March 16th 2008
SpringDown Equestrian Center Hunter/Jumper show
Portola Valley

March 22nd 2008
Schooling Trail Trials

April 12th 2008 PENDING
Woodland Stallion Station, Woodland

April 19th 2008 PENDING
Silver Buckle Trail show
Woodland Stallion Station, Woodland

April 27th 2008
CSHA Region 2,13, &18 Silver Buckle Series 9am
Bobby Jones arena, Cottonwood

May 18th 2008
CSHA Silver Buckle Seires show #2 9am
Bobby Jones arena, Cottonwood

June 22nd 2008
CSHA Silver Buckle Seires Show #3 9am
Bobby Jones arena, Cottonwood

June 29th 2008
CSHA Region 2 show
Paradise arena

July 13th 2008
CSHA Silver Buckle Series Show #4 9am
Bobby Jones arena, Cottonwood

July 20th 2008
CSHA Region 2 show
Paradise arena

August 10th 2008
CSHA Silver Buckle Series Show #5 9am
Bobby Jones arena, Cottonwood

August 17th 2008
CSHA Region 2 show
Paradise arena

Oh and I am currently in the process of selling my TB mare Jewels so that I can work on buying another horse that I can show in addition to Dartanion. I would like to get a horse that I can show in some upper level graded shows. I can show D in pre-green hunters but the end of this year but I would like to have another horse that can go higher if not the same level.

uMgaziRatRescue 02-15-2008 10:39 PM

Feb 10th 2008 Show Pictures
Captions below :D
Showmanship, dad was at a wierd spot so the sun made us look odd.
D just looked so flashy here! this was English pleasure w/t
English Pleasure :D
Winning our Eq class! yay good boy D!
Woody, someone I might start showing horses for.
Western Pleasure w/J
Other girls that I am showing with. Far left is showing Novice Rider, Middle is Novice horse then I am Open :D
Country Pleasure Pic
Flashy movements!

christine 02-15-2008 10:44 PM

nice pics!

MzKityLvsBrdsTo 02-16-2008 10:45 PM

Congrats!!! You two look great as always. Did you take any video? So, tell me more about this new (possible) mare! Hee hee. Now you have me all excited! You know me and new horses. When will you know? How did you hear about her? Give D a great big pat for me. He did wonderful with the shows. He holds himself so pretty! Do you think he knows he is being photographed? hee hee. Can't wait to see more pictures.

uMgaziRatRescue 02-17-2008 02:40 PM

He might lol I did have some video's that I can try and upload a little later today. I'm hoping to recored Dartanion & I for our College Talent show. I will pass the pat onto D :D thnx to you too Christine!

uMgaziRatRescue 02-27-2008 02:59 PM

Little Up-date
The April 12th show has been cancled from my list of shows due to the fact that my boss just had 7 foals and she doesn't have enough money to pay me anymore :( so I am now broke. I am currently job hunting with little to no success. I know of one woman who might be able to help me and possibly give me a job it's just getting a hold of her that's a problem lol. Then I have to go see tootsie this friday which I also might end up passing on because mom needs money right now and If I can sell Jewels for $$ that would be better for us than getting another horse. The March shows are still planed and going on but other than that I'm not sure about any of the other ones. No one wants/needs soap LOL but I will keep trying :D Positive POSITIVE! :D

MzKityLvsBrdsTo 02-27-2008 03:10 PM

Oh, Fae, I am so sorry to hear that. Keep up your faith and something will come along. Don't give up.

MzKityLvsBrdsTo 02-27-2008 03:13 PM

Hey, Fae, Like my new horsey Avatar? Hee hee.

uMgaziRatRescue 02-27-2008 10:34 PM

oh thnx Charlene!!! yeah today was not a good day for me. I left the lights on in dads car so he had to drive to the college to jump me then I locked the keys in the car and dad blew up on me but said sorry later then I got pulled over for "speeding" Yeah I was going about 58ish 60 in a 55 but he came up with 68?? w/e so I got a fix it ticket since I have a decient crack across my widshield(SP?) so yeah he sited me with a fix it ticket which is better than speeding lol.....I think.. so yeah but I emailed three people about horsey related jobs and I MIGHT have a fourth place one for house cleaning for $10.00 and hour (yay!!) so things should be looking up :D.

uMgaziRatRescue 03-11-2008 03:54 PM

HEY! I'll try to upload some pictures tonight from the show but for now I just have placings :D

Showmanship 6th out of 8 (eepp lol)
English Pleasure w/t 2nd out of 8 (yay)
English Pleasure 2nd out of 4
English EQ 2nd out of 6 (the judge told me that if D had picked up the correct lead this class would have been mine! :O!! dang it!!!)
I didn't enter anything else because someone had messed up the points. I should have been in 2nd for the buckle but by some magic I went from 48 points to 25?!?!? ^.O so yeah w/e I'm proud of D and I now know that this judge likes me :D hehe My nervs are almost shot for the show next weekend :| 11 classees and 8 of them are jumping! I'll be competeing for the high-point.... eeeekkk!!

uMgaziRatRescue 05-10-2008 01:05 AM

Hey!!! I've got an upgrade and hopfully I will have pictures from this show coming up on the 18th.

Showmanship 5th o/f 6 (I learnt the wrong pattern >.<)
English Pleasure w/t 2nd o/f 4
English Pleasure 3rd o/f 6
English EQ 3rd o/f 3 ( a woman after the class said that I should have gotten 1st so that made me feel way better lol)
Country Pleasure 6th o/f 12
Hunter Hack 1st o/f 2

We won the daily high point!!!!!!! It was number conchoes(sp) and I hope I win this month because they are meant to be leather halters with "CSHA region 18 high point" on them! haha that would ROCK hehe.

Total Points(Fae): 41 2nd place rider: 23 3rd place rider: 20

uMgaziRatRescue 08-03-2008 12:35 AM

Ok so I am offically horrible at keeping this up to date this year :D. I will keep this as sweet and simple as possible.

CSHA Buckle Show #3 Had To Work
CSHA Buckle Show #5 August 10th
So far I am ahead in the points by 24 to the second place rider so woot woot go D go D!!

We haven't done any woodland shows because 1. I haven't had the money and 2. I have moved 45miles away and haven't been able to train as much.

We have a CSHA Region 2 show tomorrow in Paradise (Hour+ drive away) where we will compete for the 18&Over and Open high point which is meant to be a trophie! woot. I will have Jimmy filming so I hope to have pics & Vids for everyone.

uMgaziRatRescue 08-03-2008 07:17 PM

So the show was great and sucked at the same time today. Dartanion was anticipating everything so he held his head high a lot and hollowed out his back >.< which sucked but he was working pretty hard. We won the English 18& Over high point, the Showmanship high point and the English over all high point. I will post pictures in another topic :D. So yeah yay this was fun! We got Four 1st four 2nds and two 3rds the 18 & over high point award was a trophy and so was showmanship. The English over all high point was a medal and a silver plated photo book.

uMgaziRatRescue 10-21-2008 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by uMgaziRatRescue (Post 524219)

CSHA Buckle Show #3 Had To Work
CSHA Buckle Show #5 August 10th

Okies so Dartanion & I won the high point in August and won the buckel woot woot. We came in Champion Hunter Hack and 3rd over all. I have a horse show on the 26th of this month as a for fun horse show and then I will start showing again in Decemeber. I was going to do a Saddle sieries but we missed the first show and will miss two more so we will only be doing every other show. I'm also going to be showing this sexy warmblood dapple for my friend Pam hehe I'm so excited. His name is Zilly.

MzKityLvsBrdsTo 10-22-2008 08:13 PM

:photo: Photos????

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