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Honeycomb 03-27-2008 09:36 PM

Diabetic Cat Help
So my big boy was diagnosed being diabetic a few months back. He was on insulin and a high protein diet. However I didnt know this with cats until my vet told me but they are the only animal that can start producing their own insulin again. Well he did just that and bottomed out becuase of the insulin shots & the diet. He was immediatly taken off the insulin as he was having seizures. We kept him on the diet and he's been doing great since then. A few times I've been worried as of course I'm overly paranoid now when he starts to drink water to much or whatever, but all in all he's doing great. Ok, sorry for the long story to get to my question. Now, my question is and if anyone can help that would be great, he uses the litterbox a lot. Of course with all that water who wouldnt, but, is it normal for his urine to smell well really bad?
I use the litter the clumps but after he uses it, its like glue. It doesnt even clump! I mean to get it out of the litter box actually makes me have to use some muscle lol. My other question is: Is there anything I can buy locally at my store to feed him so I dont have to buy the food that costs me an arm & leg? Anyone with suggestions or can give me some advice on what to do what not to do would be very much welcomed.
I'm sorry for such a LONG thread!! *and bad english & spelling*

mulder 03-28-2008 09:34 AM

dont worry about your english it's fine :) as for the peeing, maybe take him back in to the vet to have his sugar tested. if their pee his "like glue" do you think it's the pee or the cat litter? if there's too much sugar in the diet it'll come out in the urine, then the urine is literally sugary and sticky. as for the food, maybe ask your vet if they have any more affordable recommendations? or see if you can find other people with diabetic cats and ask what they feed?

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