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andreaS15 04-07-2008 04:06 PM

Diabetes - Diet Info
It's been a long time since I last signed in, life's been busy. But this past week we had some bad news, Whizzer our 10 yr old GSD/B.C./Y.Lab was diagnosed with Diabetes. On top of that she has/had a small liver infection, which she is getting Sub-Q meds for.

Anyways, Whizz has been ill, not eating, throwing up a bit and just feeling bad. It seems we are just not getting her blood/glucose levels and so one bit it'll be high and the other it will drop, making her ill, so our Vet has told us today.

She's refused to eat kibble the last week and a bit, so we've moved her onto the Medi-cal canned weight control because if she doesn't eat we can't give her her insulin. But now b/c her blood/glucose levels are all over the place she has stopped eating everything (except fatty table scraps! :mad2: ).
We were able to feed her some cooked rice in chicken broth this morning, and after that she went and saw the Vet again.

My hope is that you guys may be able to give me some hints and Tips on maintaining a healthy blood/glucose level in a diabetic dog, and recommend a vegetarian food, canned preferable right now.

She was Diagnosed just over a week ago, and is my first experiance with diabetes, I'm a bit lucky for my Fiance has had a dog in the past with diabetes.
Whizz is done the antibiotic injections Wednesday evening, so I'm hoping that will help her feel better as well. 3 injections in one day is to much for anyone I think.

Thanks in Advance everyone!

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