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meablonde112 08-06-2008 10:17 PM

Well everyone...Worst day ever with a positve rebound....
Well as you all know. I got two more rats the other day. NOT socialized (whatsoever), were scared of igloos(toys, treats, hands, noises, ANYTHING), didn't know any other food besides rat blocks(wouldn't eat ANYTHING else), and were wheezing and sneezing. Well, I waited a couple days to see if I could work with them since how I'm pretty experienced with rats since I had so many in the past. That did NOT work out. They were just getting worse. I called Petco (I was giving them a chance to kind of prove me wrong on the whole "Petco, where the pets DIE" saying. Well, now I'm a true believer that Petco, atleast ours, SUCKS. So, I called them to tell them what was going on. They said to bring them in because they were quarantining ALL of their small animals due to Respiratory Infections. Uhhh...Helloo!! Your supposed to do that BEFORE you set them out in their cages...Ugh Anyways. I brought them back and said my goodbyes. :( I pretty much chewed out the guy and gal that took them. I was livid. I asked them where they got their rats, and if they even handled the rats at all. He told me they got their rats from a breeder who breeds just for Petco. She does not SOCIALIZE them OR HANDLE them AT ALL. They know this when buying them from her and then don't ****en do it at the store. So basically people are just buying "wild" rats. Mine were nothing of the sort of a "domestic" rat so to say. Ugh...They piss me off and I will NEVER shop there again or ever give them good reviews....

SOOOO...I went to Petsmart (LOVEEEE), where I have ALWAYS shopped for my animals. They DO socialize and handle their animals more than once EVERY day and clean their cages every other. They get good care from them. They give them good diets and extra goodies so their not just eating fricken rat blocks and don't know what veggies and fruits are. I love the people there, their products, and their service. Plus, we take Lola there to get groomed...That's good too! Basically, Petsmart rocks, Petco SUCKS. K. I'm done ranting now. I went to Petsmart, got two BEAUTIFUL black REX girls. Wonderful. Cuddly, kissy, love to be scratched and pet, and held. Love 'em. Polar opposite of the other two. Haven't named 'em yet cuz I'm not naming them the same thing as the other two...That's just not

After I picked them up I put a water bottle in their temp. cage.
Then began the two hour long task of cleaning and sanitizing my ENTIRE room. I wanted to make sure there was no chance of them getting an RI. I don't think my room has ever been that clean and sanitized...haha Their cage is pretty bare right now due to the fact that I soaked all their stuff in bleach and am washing all the fabric stuff and all of my bed stuff and anything they touched...

So, I was having the worst day EVER because I had to give my babies back. It was ok the first day cuz I was leaving them be to let them get used to their surroundings and settle down a bit. Well, the second day I would open their cage and let them run around the closet and stuff like that for some play time...Well, when I went to try and get them back IN they literally went psycho. They were so scared of me and they were squeaking when I tried to pick them up and put 'em in their cage. THEN, Alphie started hacking and sneezing and coughing and her breathing was so bad. THEN Glinda started the same thing. They wouldn't sleep in anything (igloo, basket, hammock). They would push all the bedding away and just lay on the metal flooring in the very far corner. I felt horrible. I still do for taking them back, but my parents didn't want to deal with all of that right now I guess. Well, here's some pics of my new girls... :) When I figure out their names I will post it and some better pics but I didn't get my cam out until they were building their nest in the igloo...haha oops.

rodentopia 08-07-2008 05:40 AM

wow. two little chocolate balls of fluff-luvvin'. cute.

meablonde112 08-07-2008 01:38 PM

Yes, they are wonderful. I just wish it could've been diff. for the other two...

mulder 08-08-2008 05:23 AM

wow that's quite a day you had! That's a shame the first pair of rats were ill and poorly socialized. I'll admit my feelings are a little hurt because you gave up on two rats, so you could get two better ones. but I can't pass judgment because I don't know your whole situation. Personally I'd have kept the initial two, because it's not hard to calm down some unsocial rats, being like dogs they love human attention. Either way, I'm glad you're now happy with your two there, they are cute :)

mtmaughan 08-08-2008 08:01 AM

My first pair of rats was extremely unsocialized and also had health problems. However, I did not know it at the time since I had no experience with rats. I had done research, but it didn't make up for the knowledge gained through day-to-day interaction. They did end up being very sociable after a few months, and were totally sweet babies. However, their health problems caused me more than a little stress and cost me quite a bit of money. I can understand not wanting to take that on.

I would recommend not getting rats from a pet store if you want to avoid these issues in the future.

VanillaRat 08-09-2008 06:01 PM

I am sorry you dealt with that...however as Nat said,I do feel kinda sad that you gave up on these two rats.With some vet care and some more work - they would of gotten better.

I have taken in rescue rats that were like that,terrified of EVERYTHING and very unsociable.I even got one girly who was very nippy and you know what? She no longer nipped after a few weeks.Within a few weeks of working with unsocial rats,they became trusting and very loving rats.It can be done.

All I can say now is I hope these two new girls get the very best care and love you can offer.I know you can provide it! :)

Oh and BTW the newbies are not REX rats! Rexes have curly fur and curly whiskers.They appear to be black berkshires.

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