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Cazsamps 08-16-2008 11:22 AM

Had to share!!!
I have a serious soft spot for Lionheads and out of my 3 bunnies my JarJar is a lionhead and i just cant stop myself taking pic of him coz he is sooooo darn cute!! He is extremely cuddly and i just had to share the pics i took of him yesterday xxxx

laydeerodentzz 08-16-2008 11:41 AM

Ahhhhh, he is the sweetest little bunny ever!!
I can't see his ears in either of them piccies LOL
Thank you for sharing!!

Dragonrain 08-16-2008 12:06 PM

Aww he's so cute. Arn't lionheads great? :) Barnaby actually loves being held and cuddled, which isn't very common for a bunny!

Jess 08-16-2008 04:03 PM

Aww! So cute! He made me giggle :giggle:

Cazsamps 08-16-2008 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by laydeerodentzz (Post 526706)
Ahhhhh, he is the sweetest little bunny ever!!
I can't see his ears in either of them piccies LOL
Thank you for sharing!!

His ears are always flat to his head but he does have ears hun trust me lol. He is the cuddliest bunny i have ever had lol its weird! My other 2 boys only want to know me if i am holding food or treats lol but Jar Jar will just come up and be like mum pick me up lol bless him. He lays in my arms like a baby for hours just being cradled and stroked!!! xx

laydeerodentzz 08-17-2008 04:47 AM

Awwww, he sounds like the perfect rabbit! I've always liked the idea of having a rabbit, but people keep saying that they always bite! Well, looking at yours and some others on here they don't look like they'd harm a fly LOL
I like the first piccie the best, it looks like he is expecting somthing from you LOL

Cazsamps 08-17-2008 06:39 AM

I have 3 rabbits and i have never been bitten by any of them YET! I'm not gonna say no rabbit ever bits because i know they do but i have been lucky with my 3 so far!!!!

Photoesque 08-17-2008 11:02 AM

thats good your rabbits haven't bitten you. ruby bit me once but that was because i stuck my arm in the cage to pick up her favorite toy and move it out of the cage so i could clean it :giggle:

she's very defensive about her toys. it didnt hurt when she bit me and she's never done it again, even when i stick my hand in her cage now.

but anyhoo, you have a super cute rabbit. you're very lucky!!

Luckybunny 08-17-2008 02:51 PM

I love those feet!! You are lucky to have a snuggle bunny. Your bunny has great markings.

VanillaRat 08-17-2008 08:49 PM

He is really cute.

jewels 08-22-2008 12:15 PM

He looks so doofy!!! I love him!!!

PolarPony 08-22-2008 12:50 PM

what a cutie!

Binky 08-22-2008 02:45 PM

Awwww he is so cute!
I just wanna poke his belly!

Ohhh I can't wait until my bun moves in. I hope s/he'll be as sweet as all the ones everyone has here. :lol:

jewels 08-22-2008 02:48 PM

Lovey dovey buns come from lovey dovey bunparents - I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. ;)

Squirrely 08-23-2008 12:07 AM

Haha Binky I know your excitement. I remember when I first stumbled on this forum by accident. I started reading all the stories, watched bunny videos and became obsessed with them (although I've always wanted one before). I even stayed up all night reading online on how to properly take care of them (although I ended up reading almost the same stuff over and over haha). Anyways I got Nino like 2 days after that and she was just the cutest thing I've ever seen with a squished in face, extremely clean white bunny feet, soft fur and huge eyes. And I still feel the same way now as when I first saw her :]

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