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Chinchi 08-29-2008 09:11 PM

Animal Activists
Or animal terrorists as I like to call them, have done it again.
4000 mink were set free the 26th of this month.
Actually it was 8000 but "only" 4000 got out into the wild...

What the heck is wrong with people who do this sort of thing?
Okay, so they don't like the furfarmers, but they only hurt one furfarmer, and they kill thousands of animals in the process - how can this help in any way?
It makes me SO mad when people do this, and then they have the nerve to say they do it for the animals...

The mink is not native to Denmark, this means that a lot of our native animals are in trouble when they set them loose. It's mostly birds, lizards and amfibians (sp?) the mink will prey on, but other carnivors related to the mink are at risk too. They simply can't compete with the mink.

Other that this, most of the mink will die. They will get killed by trafic, the lucky ones will get caught again (by either hunters or furfarmers), some will die of starwation, and a small persent will survive and kill of our native animals.

What the heck gives these people the right to do this to us?
Don't they think at all?
We have SO many problems with invasive species, and it's all over the media, so you need to be living in a cage if you don't know this is a VERY bad thing...

I don't want the native animals to die out :( I wan't my kids to be able to see the animals I can go out and find now... I don't want a lot of south and nort american animals :(

You would think they would learn at some point. Just look at Australia and the rabbit problem, or the whole killerbee problem... But noooo - lets set some animals free, and don't care what it's going to do to the nature...

canadiancritter 08-29-2008 09:26 PM

I know what your talking about I recently watched a documentary on this 'animal activism' (on testing on animals) and I truly think these people can do better,that they can be civilized and be like normal human beings.

Yes. You stupid people set the building on fire WITH THE ANIMALS STILL IN IT fools.Set the non native animals free,free into the wild where they kill and harm the native animals and possibly die because they just can't live out in the wild like that.

I don't in any way agree that testing on animals is good and that no one should be doing anything about it, but theres a right way ad a wrong way to do things.

These people are actually killing these animals and more animals too.

millie121 08-29-2008 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by Chinchi (Post 528455)
Don't they think at all?

Of course they do. They just follow a different course of "logic" than you (and I). Fundamental differences in thinking. You can't understand why they do what they do; they can't understand why you DON'T think like they do.

There's a dude that speaks for an extremist group that feels animal researchers should be assassinated. He is a surgeon. Depending where doctor boy went to school, he has some animal research in his past, and he and his patients have certainly benefited from animal research.

Purple-Hops 08-30-2008 12:00 AM

i know what you mean by the whole free the animals thing,except that nothing will get done about it-know why? b/c the furfarmers will just buy more animals to replace the "stock" they lost.Oh, lots will be said about the terrorists who "freed" the animals but everybody has their own logic here,the activists are brainwashed by (peta)like groups into believing the extremeist way is the right way to go-"free them and make the media so people will know were serious,if they care enough about the native species they will stop this horror" and the farmers:" oh snap,they got us again,ok major money lost set some traps and try to get some back but thank god for our breeding program and our friends from -insert another farm- who'll send us up some more-dang terrorists wont get away with it"

now,while everyone is arguing over what should be done on both ends(how to spare innocent lives from exploitation)and (how to kepp these dang activists off our backs to keep business) everything settles back nicely into original routine.until the next breakout.

i totally dis-agree with raising animals for thier fur and would guiltlessly toss some damaging liquid over a woman's or man's ugly fur coat ina city where they dont NEED it to survive,in the north id have more not an extremist but i dont agree with it but i know by releasing this kind of animal into a new and virgin environment thats its devastating to the natural habitat.

heck,newfoundland is over run with moose which were introduced in the 1800's for sport hunting and now their every where and on the highways.same with the coyotes...they all just took over and now residents are upset because their little experiment went me,the cycle never ends.

candyraver 08-30-2008 12:01 AM

I'm an activist [animal welfare,human rights& environmentalist]...i'm not a terrorist nor extremist.


Purple-Hops 08-30-2008 12:11 AM

kudos-lissa,i talk about what i believe in,nothing more(anymore)

candyraver 08-30-2008 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Purple-Hops (Post 528479)
kudos-lissa,i talk about what i believe in,nothing more(anymore)

Thats the best way to be :thumbsup: I'm like that too :yes:

VanillaRat 08-30-2008 12:46 AM

Last year I think people done something similar.They went and released hundreds and hundreds of mink from a fur farm.Some were caught,but many got hit by cars and died.

I am against fur (not in the places that need it and that use the WHOLE animal)...but here,fur is not needed and merely just for fashion.I find it looks ugly on humans anyway.But while I am against fur,these people that released the animals...didn't help.They may think they did,but they didn't.

I am not an activist no more.
I used to be...but wasn't extreme.
The reason I am no longer an activist,is because I am 150% against PETA and people always associated me with no more.I have my own beliefs.

candyraver 08-30-2008 01:24 AM

I'm not that fond on PETA myself.
I'm not fond on the majority of organizations myself.
I'm anti a lot..
libertarian though.
I like being an activist ... :D (though im more active in environment& Burma campaigns [ohhh i was so anti the olympics! :mad: ])but I must say releasing animals into the wild like that; it proves nothing.
Especially when its not a native species.Does more harm than good.
Also must say I respect native people who wear fur or whatever if it's their livelihood; & their being close to nature.But for fashion? Absolutely not.

Very anti extremists brainwashed by the media.They must learn to think for theirself instead of acting like clones...mass releasing of non native species to "prove a point" is hazardous,not just to the animals who have to try to fend for theirself; but the entire ecosystem.

Crittercall 08-30-2008 01:37 AM

You guys may have heard that a German company bought Annheuser/Busch (SP) and all their holdings including Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Now some group is trying to purchase SeaWorld from them so that they can stop the cruelty to the animals there and set them free. Setting them free would be cruel, IMO, because these animals have been taken care of by human beings for so long (some born there) that they would quickly starve or be killed in the wild.

I know what you are saying about the mink. It is the same type situation. In KY they brought in a few hundred elk several years ago because the elk population was diminished. Now the state is over-run and they hold a lottery where people pay to get a chance to kill an elk. What th'????

I heard Betty White speak once. I'm sure you know how much she loves animals. She said that animals do have rights - they have the right to be loved and cared for.

candyraver 08-30-2008 02:03 AM

On that note.In a way I think it's similar when people get "sick of" their pets & release them into the wild.Surely they don't think their domesticated pets who are probably not a native species can survive in the wild?

The marine life in SeaWorld would probably also meet an ill fate.

Chinchi 08-30-2008 06:17 AM

We actually have a problem with a small population of chipmunks here in Denmark. They only live in one place, near a lake close to where I live. They are pet-animals that have been set free, and now live and thrive - so stupid!

Don't rip my head off, but I belive furfarms is a good thing.
I remember a thread a little while back in here, and it seams like your furfarms treat their animals very badly, but this is not the case in Denmark, and some fur animals (like the chinchilla), nearly got instinct, and only got saved because of furfarming.
I don't ever think people will stop using fur (I would love a chinchillafur of my own), and I would rather see the animals in farms, than I would loose them totally, because people hunt them to instincting...
Okay, our fox-farming is VERY bad, but other than that, the animals are treated quite good compared to so many other animals. And when killed, they use CO2 wich dosen't hurt the animals at all.
I'm not quite sure what they do with the corpses, but I think some get made into animal feed.

VanillaRat 08-30-2008 11:00 AM

Yes,alot of thos organizations are extremists and I admit,I used to support them.However as I learned more and more and done my own research,I realize that PETA and some others are just extremists and won't even update old facts and things.I do not even wanna bring this to a PETA debate,they anger me so bad.

Crittercall - Sounds like here.Moose are not native to Newfoundland,but some were brought over back many yrs ago and now we have an overpopulation!

Chinchi 08-30-2008 11:23 AM

I talked to a WSPA lady, and found out that many animal orginazations have this thing they need to agree with...
The organizations you see in this "group" are WSPA, WWF and so on.
But PETA and Anima (and some others) dosen't want to sign/agree on this, so they can't get into this "group".
It annoys me I don't remember what it is they need to agree with though.

Binky 08-30-2008 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by candyraver (Post 528475)
I'm an activist [animal welfare,human rights& environmentalist]...i'm not a terrorist nor extremist.


Same here.

And I hate fur farms. It's absolutely pointless in my opinion. It looks hideous on humans, hideous on your chair, your key chain, your purse, your bed, etc,etc.

And a boatload of wild animals are endangered now because of the people hunting them for their fur.

You want some fur of your own, don't shave for a few years.

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