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hamsterpig 08-30-2008 02:29 AM

Paralyzed Mousey??
So remember I told you a friend's mouse had babies and she was giving them too much protein? Well she's got another issue now. The mommy mouse kind of stopped feeding them after the first week and 7 of the 8 babies had died by 4 1/2 weeks despite my friend's best efforts to hep them. The last baby is now 6 weeks old or so. I was at their house at about four weeks, when she was separating the boys and girls, and this little boy was running and jumping all around.

Wednesday, I was there and I went to play with him, and he wasn't walking right. He can't move his back legs. He just pulls himself around with his front feet. It looks like one of his feet works, and he wiggles his little toes on the other foot, but his legs don't move at all. My friend said he was fine when she cleaned his cage four or five days earlier. He seems to be getting around fine, but what could be wrong?

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