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rabiddove 10-01-2008 01:30 PM

Dog training ideas
Hello, I'm new to the forums and when i saw this section i had to join. I just need a few ideas on keeping my easily distracted Border Collie entertained. I use a conditioning based training using a Dogtra ecollar. It's worked so well that if i misspeak she'll go ahead and do whatever command i accidentally told her to do. (i need to work on that). It's pretty eerie sometimes. BUT she get bored easily, after a short time of working with her moderately she will take her time getting to her positions or runs to heel position and will not obey anymore commands, particularly if we're in a place we go often. (if she is scared or tired she will always plant her skinny butt on my feet. embarrassing sometimes, mostly endearing) Her current commands are heel, place, come, sit, over*(jump over something up to about 12 inches high), shake, down, off, go-see (say hi to strangers) and look*(make eye contact with me) *still iffy with actually doing the command Well i was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas for other commands that i can mix in with her current one to avoid her giving up on me and retreating to her safe spot.

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