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candice 12-18-2008 12:51 AM

Herbie's HUBBUB
My Little Herbert was a rescue, very poorly cared for before but i'm happy to report has been living in my care for 2 yrs now and is doing better than ever... with ONE exception... His ears are thick, dry and crusty looking with fingerish protrusions. all the research i did yeilded signs of a fungus but ALL FOUR OF THE VETS I TOOK HIM TO DISAGREED(two of which speacialized in exotics). he's been treated for demodex(with no result from the ivermectin/avermectiv meds over the SIX WEEK period of treatment) and i honestly can't afford the lab work for blood tests. anyone seen anything similar? if not HOW DO YOU TREAT AN AGGRESIVE FUNGAL INFECTION in hedgies?? because i'm sure thats the issue. . . . HELP. PLEASE.

LizardGirl 12-20-2008 05:31 PM

If it is indeed a fungal infection, you will have to get him to a good vet who will treat him.

If it is just very tattered ears, you can treat it yourself. Get a tube of pure lanolin (made for breastfeeding mothers, in the baby section) and rub it on his ears. Do this about twice a week and they should heal.

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