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whatsupdoc 12-28-2010 05:19 PM

question about chinchilla coloring
So I just had a baby chinchilla. I've done extensive research on the genetics of the possible colors and I'm still stumped.
dad is a black velvet
mom is either a standard or hetero ebony
the baby looks like a black velvet, but the top of his head is gray, not black, and the fluffy hair on his tail is white, not his whole tail, just the long hair on it. I thought it had to have a white parent for any white to be on it.

The baby shouldn't have any white on it right?
Does this make it a mosaic?:confused:

Blacksheep 12-29-2010 05:28 AM

standard - white belly
hetero - mixed belly

Your baby sounds like a mosaic kinda.

If your sire is truly ebony then he will have white on him. If your dam is hetero ebony, she will have white on her.

Remember that you can have heterozygous parents (possessing a hidden trait) to bring out that gray as well. I was told that with wild rodents like this, you can mix all the domestics in the world and come right back to standard. What are the grandparents like?

ABC Chinchillas 12-29-2010 04:10 PM

A lot of standard babies have the long white hairs on the tips of their tails...your baby is not a white.

Black velvets have a black back and white belly
standards are grey with a white belly a
Ebonies have grey bellies.

chinchillas are not wild rodents and very few colors are carried. just violet and sapphire for the most part, If dad is a Black velvet and mom is a standard baby is a black velvet or standard

if dad is a black velvet and mom is an ebony baby can be standard, black velvet, ebony or TOV ebony.

without the black veiling he is likely a standard or ebony. Pictures would help. But it is common for standard kits to have white tips on the long gaurd hairs of the tail.

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