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jamesReid 09-17-2011 02:40 PM

Question about little hector...
Hey all..

So I have a question... I have noticed when I pick up little Hector sometimes he like gets the hiccups.. or is coughing... its like his whole body will shake.. more like hiccups for a minute then go away... do rats get hiccups? when do you think this could be?


breyer08 09-17-2011 04:25 PM

Does he make noises (like little chirps) when he is doing that? Rats do seem to get what looks like hiccups sometimes--my boys have gotten that on occasion. If you hear them making chirping noises while they are doing it, that can be a sign of an impending respiratory problem. If you ever hear him chirping and hiccuping, or just hear him making raspy or gurgling noises in general, you'll want to get him to a vet right away for some antibiotics. Rats are VERY prone to severe respiratory problems, so it's always best to get them treated asap to avoid major issues down the road.

I actually recommend that you get in the habit of listening to his lungs every day when you take him out. Just hold his sides up to your ears and listen to his breathing sounds. It's good for him to get used to this, too. If you ever hear changes in the way he is breathing, it's time for a vet appointment, but doing this in your daily routine is a very good way to monitor his health. :)

jamesReid 09-17-2011 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by breyer08 (Post 630467)
Does he make noises (like little chirps) when he is doing that? :)

Thanks for the info all..

And Bryer.. No he does not make and sounds with the "hiccups." No guggerlin.. no rasping..

Just like me when I get hiccups... But I will definatly keep an eye and ear on him..

Thanks again.

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