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lee368 01-19-2012 06:56 AM

Introducing males
I bought a degu (Nigel) about two weeks ago and after doing more research about what their needs and wants were decided that Nigel would be much better off with a companion. So about 4 days ago Max came home. I have a large three story wooden cage that a friend made for me. The bottom level has been divided in half with mesh wire. There isn't much room in the sectioned off space, but I've been switching them every day to get some exercise and to get each others scent. I was told that 2 males would never get along, but I've read that with lots of patience, there might be a chance. They seemed to be really interested in each other, so yesterday (4 days after bringing Max home), I decided to try introductions. I put them in the bathtub armed with a spray water bottle (I've heard how nasty the fights can be!), but to my surprise, they seemed to get along great! There was lots of grooming and chirping, there might have been a bit of nipping, but no one got hurt. This seems to go against everything I've read about introducing male degus. How long and often should I keep up the introductions? Should I do this on a daily basis? When can I be confident that once in the cage together, they will get along?

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