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Sora 03-30-2012 08:48 AM

chinchilla squinting eyes
I'm really worried about my chinchilla and i've only had him for about a year so i don't know how to diagnose my chinchilla properly

i read two threads already and one said it was potassium deficiency and another said dust in eyes or a puncture. my chinchilla has been squinting his eyes a lot lately (both of them) so i kind of doubt it's a damaged eye unless both of them got damaged. i feed my chinchilla the food the store recommended and give him alfalfa hay. i give my chinchilla toys and some wood to chew on and his mouth smells the same so i don't think it's teeth problems. at this point in time it looks like he's squinting his eyes more and more and he's less energetic now. he has nothing in his eyes as far as i can tell so i can't exactly diagnose him yet, the only other problems i see is the fact that the fur under his eyes seem to be puffing out

(sorry long thread but i want to get an exact answer)

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