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Krazy Kritterz 05-08-2012 10:39 AM

New to the Piggy Forum, Just adopted a New Piggy(Special Needs)
So I have been away from Pet Forums for a few years due to becoming a Mom to someone besides Fuzzy critters.
I haven't been on the Guinea Pig forum but I just got a new Piggy. I had a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit for 6 yrs and he passed suddenly of a seizure, despite his great Health. After a while It was very lonely and My daughter was missing her Gunny Bunny. So we adopted a Handicapped Piggy. He is 11 Weeks old, born valentines day. He is missing his Foot and Toes on his right Hind Foot. Born that way! Vet Check up said all was good and he would be fine as long as bedding was always soft and dry. We are working on litter box training. He is very scared and nervous. He wasn't handled much. We have a huge Hand-built cage for him. I work at the vets so he gets the best care.

He is a American Male Piggy
All most completely Orange(Red), he has a Brown agouti Patch on his Rt side and small Patch by right Ear and he has a white patch by the left ear and under his Neck. As soon as I can post photos I will do so. I will post photos of the cage too.
His name is Topper for now Really Topper Popperz but Topper for short. M husband wanted to name him Popperz but my 2 yr old says Topper so Topper Popperz it was, lol


Krazy Kritterz 05-08-2012 11:00 AM

Here are some Photos! The Cage was made by my Coworker as she had it for her piggy then she got another one and doubled her cage so she sold this one to me. I have altered it a bit she had it opening only from the top but I put a door on the Front. I also have a tray in it so the wood doesn't soak up anything and smell. Its 2.5 Ft x 3 ft x 2 ft High

Of course this is the photo when i got it, now its all decked out in Blankets, huts etc... for Topper


urofan 05-09-2012 07:21 PM

I am glad that you are able to do so much for your Guinea pig.

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