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HomeworkCrazy 08-04-2012 08:52 PM

Degu-Safe Clean Cage?
I recently had a degu cage made for 2degus that i am going to be getting in about 2weeks... it is a wooden cage and it is non-escapable and the wood is thick...
so degus pee just like any animal, but is there any sealant or silicone or something i can put on the wood so the pee won't soak into the wood? i need something that will be safe for my degus, respiratory and swollow-wise... just in case they dig and scratch on it or bite on the wood... if i don't put something on to protect the wood, it will smell awful within a few weeks... what can i put on that will keep my babies safe?

Sophh133 08-05-2012 05:05 AM

I'm not sure of any sealent you could use but to combat the smell you could try to find cage fresh granules that absorb the wee and neutrilise the odour. A good one I know of is beaphar cage fresh granules, however, I'm not sure if they are availible in the US. But perhaps can be found online?
If your Degus are given enough other things to chew and exercise on then them chewing the wood should not be a huge problem.
Hope you enjoy your new degus when you get them :)

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