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baughmansa 06-06-2013 10:44 AM

Need Help, new to Iguanas
I have recently taken in a new member of my growing reptile family. I now have a red Iguana, not even a year old yet. When I went to get him, I did what was needed. I handled him and he seemed fine. He wasn't skittish, he even licked my arm a few times as is an Iguana thing (much like the snakes i have), his eyes weren't wide open as a sign of stress and fear. It wasn't until I got him home and gave him a week to settle in that he started to act the opposite.
I have no experience when it comes to iguanas, so I was hoping someone could help me. When I or anyone tries to handle him, he tries to run away 5 minutes straight before he even slightly calms down. He then either tries to whip his tail or he leaves his mouth open as a warning that he will bite if given the chance.
Am I not doing something right? He is healthy otherwise (he is getting bigger and shedding at a decent rate), and his temperature and humidity are where they need to be.
Basically, does anyone have any suggestions that would help me tame him before this behavior is set?

LPC 06-11-2013 12:12 PM

Ah, I think the mistake was to try to handle him after only one week. The best advice is normally to minimise contact to just feeding, watering and cleaning out for the first three weeks. But if you don't try to force things, it may not be too late to restart things on a proper footing. I found the following very helpful advice after a Google search:

baughmansa 06-11-2013 03:22 PM

Thank you! I actually stopped handling him a few weeks to a month ago because it was frustrating. He seems to be doing better, he watches me a lot when I'm in my room, and he doesn't seem to be as scared when I come near the cage for cleaning and feeding. I've read over the site, I will try doing this. hopefully it isn't too late.

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