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Cat Servant 09-04-2013 08:22 PM

Camaigning Against Declawing--Ways To Get Involved
I'm trying to educate everyone I can about the harmful effects of declawing and someday get it outlawed. I've put together a list of ways to get involved and raise awareness. More ideas welcome.

1) Wear anti-declaw t-shirts, tote bags, pins, etc.
2) Dress up your car with anti-declaw bumper stickers, car magnets, etc.
3) Stick an anti-declaw yard sign in your front yard.
4) Write to your local newspaper and ask them to print reasons not to declaw.
5) Hand out anti-declaw business cards, educational pamphlets, etc.
6) Write! Online and on paper.
7) Make a video explaining the harm in declawing.
8) Make anti-declaw posters and put on public bulletin boards, etc.
9) If possible, support vets who do not declaw. If for this reason you switch vets or turn one down, let them know the reason.
10) Write to your local politicians and ask them to consider a ban on declawing.
11) To anyone involved in cat rescue: Adopt out only to people who will not declaw, and educate as many people as you can.
12) Be nice to people. When you'd really like to attack someone because they would declaw, don't. That will only make enemies, and won't convince anyone to change their mind.
13) But do be firm in your stand. Don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong, that what you're doing is not important, or that you're wasting your time.
14) Be creative. Think up different ways to get the word out and educate people.
15) Don't give up! You're doing an important service, helping cats and people. We need all the help we can get. Every person counts. At times it will seem slow, but keep on. We've come a long way already. Let's go the rest of the way!

Blacksheep 09-05-2013 09:24 PM

Now...sometimes declawing is good too. There are thousands of cats dying in shelters and even more abandoned. If taking out claws means a cat can keep a home, you bet I'd do it. Most shelters want to find homes for cats. The other option is death. They are willing to give up a cat to a home that will cut its toes off instead of having it sit here and be killed. Many rescues won't adopt to people wanting to declaw but will let these people know when a declawed cat comes to the rescue. Most people declaw after multiple attempts to wean their cat onto a tree.

One thing I noticed is that most people who are against declawing are against all aspects of declawing. Those little polydactyl kittens can sometimes benefit from it especially when they have toes facing in. Otherwise you have to trust the owner to sit those cats down and clip at least those toes. If not, they will grow into the neighboring toes and can cause infection.

All vets declaw for the reason stated above. Vets not in it for the money try to convince clients otherwise. When the client states that they will euthanize the cat, then the declaw surgery is allowed. When vets or shelters have the decision of life or claws, they generally get rid of the claws.

somebody 09-08-2013 07:10 PM

Declawing is NEVER "good".. Declawing does not keep cats out of shelters, and it does not save lives. People who declaw are more likely to dump the cat. Shelters always have dclawed cats available. People who work in resuce can tell you how many cats they have rescued off the street who have lost their toes.

Declawing is outlawed just about everywhere in the world except the USA and Canada.

It is going to happen here in the USA, it is already happening. 8 cities in California have outlawed declawing and are tracking down and fining the vets still breaking the laws. All those selfish greedy vets are going to have to find a new way to make a living besides mutilating cats.

Removing a claw for a health reason, the CAT'S health I mean, is not the same thing as chopping off all the cat's toes for the sake of lazy humans who can't be bothered to train their cats. Then when the cat becomes fearful or begins biting, or avoiding the litter box, out the cat goes.

Polydactyl cats do not need their claws removed. It's simple enough to trim the extra claws, just like the other claws are trimmed.

Declawing is not the "removal of claws"

It is the amputation of the toes, toes the cat not only needs to walk on, but needs to have a normal gait, and needs to use to stretch his back and legs with.

There is absolutely no benefit to a cat. It is an evil procedure.

All those other countries where it is banned...those cultures have cats too. Cats with claws.

Blacksheep 09-08-2013 11:17 PM

I'm an RVT student and have been there done that. The first cat declaw I was in wasn't on its way to the shelter you're right. It was on its way to being dead.

And trust me...some polydactyls do benefit from it. Do you need a source that says so? Generally when you do a declaw on them, you take the digits of the toes that do damage and nothing else. They do not need those toes to walk (most aren't even on their feet anymore.) It is a health reason why they have the claws removed. Its hard to understand till you see a cat come in with nasty pus covered feet.

I'm not for cosmetic surgeries period but sometimes we need to know the whole story. Its like tail docking. Its all fun and games to tell someone "no" till a rancher comes in after a bull rips his dog's tail off.

somebody 09-09-2013 08:00 PM

I am not "for" tail docking for cosmetic purposes, but I know why it is done to working dogs, but de-clawing is nothing "like" tail docking.

Dogs don't walk on their tails. Cats are forced to walk on those amputated stumps, and dig in litter with those same amputated stumps. I'd rather a cat was euthanized than forced to suffer a lifetime of pain.

This mutilation is on it's way out. Better tell the vet training you to find some other way to make the big bucks.

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