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rockstar5510 07-16-2015 10:37 AM

degus chewing
Hi I have two male degus, they are in a large cage with lots of chew toys. I cant get them to stop eating the cage. they have a wheel but they just drag it around the cage. they had a hole in one part of the cage from chewing which I blocked but they are starting another. I let them run around a room as much as I can. I don't know how to get them to stop chewing, they don't seem interest in chew toys. help.

Walter 07-17-2015 12:14 AM

How old are they?

rockstar5510 07-17-2015 12:30 PM

they are probably close to a year

Walter 07-21-2015 03:06 PM

Young degus are very active and they do this alot when bored. You may want to get a bitter spray and apply on the bars. They are very safe and will not harm your pet.

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