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Becki 08-23-2002 12:43 AM

Who's got ferret pics?
Does anyone have anymore ferret pictures to share? I just can't get enough of these guys! (I don't think we've seen your ferrets yet Tortoise).

Sassy 08-23-2002 12:59 AM

Tortoise we want to see pics of your ferrets

Becki 08-23-2002 01:01 AM

(We really need a similie with puppy dog eyes!)

Ravnos 08-23-2002 12:08 PM

My little Fert...

And Fert entertaining the cat...

And Snicks sounding the alarm that a cat has penetrated the ferret-perimeter!


Becki 08-23-2002 04:16 PM

Awww! Is your ferret a baby...he's very cute!
More more, more:D

capnsweets 08-23-2002 08:23 PM

Aww all the pictures are so cute! Toirt you look cute! Walking your ferrets! Somehow i pictured you in a very rigid benjamin Franklin Colonial type oufit, something very proper, not so casual!

Becki 08-24-2002 02:23 AM

Wow, we got a picture of toirtis in the deal!
Very cute fuzzies Toirt!

MelindaK 08-24-2002 02:02 PM

Aww, they are all cuties (and you too Toirtis :D ). He's a picture of Bonnie & Clyde -- my sweet little rescues.

KiaraPanther 09-16-2002 09:39 PM

I just updated my ferret page with more photos of Bruno

Sorry I haven't been on for awhile. Doing so much stuff right now. But Bruno got to go camping with us this summer.


LotsToLove 10-16-2002 07:52 PM


Hi Hi All! and Happy Halloweenie or Samhain to everyone!

Im always happy to show off pictures of my ferret babies! Any excuse will do!!

You can see some pictures of the crazy-crazies at

Ive got to get some more pictures posted soon, they grow so quick, and are so photogenic! :hyper2:

Hugs and Dooks to all
from me and all the fur kids,
Max, Otto, Magic, Jack, Bosley, Belle, and Lizzy!

Becki 10-17-2002 02:44 PM

Those are soooo cute! Magic is gorgeous and I love the pics with thier little tounges sticking out and the one with his mouth open....AWWWW!

luvnstuff 10-17-2002 06:41 PM

Bonnie and Clyde what perfect names for ferrets..the little trouble makers! lol
Here is Shivers trying to act like she ISNT in the plant..ah..right BUSTED miss BROWN NOSE! hehehe!

Nancy 11-11-2002 02:19 AM

little late on this thread. Here's a pic of Midnight

Becki 11-11-2002 03:20 AM

Never too late for more ferret pics! Midnight is gorgeous! He looks very sweet too..

I just saw Shivers too...busted! lol

SIChins 01-03-2003 12:51 AM

Oh, I just saw this, I have to add my two ferrets. The first is Bandit, having a roll on the floor :D

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