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Corwin120 02-08-2017 06:24 PM

Caught deer mouse in my attic

During this past summer, I started to hear scratching in the attic over the bonus room over my garage. I attributed it to bats on the outside of my house because bats like to hang out under my window trim and eat bugs off the side of my house.

Fast forward to this winter. I was still hearing the scratching. It has always been faint and always very early in the morning (5:00). So, I made plans to get behind the walls since there is no access to that attic.

Shortly thereafter, I hears running across the ceiling of my bedroom. I have a full attic in the main part of the house and a small animal could easily get from the bonus room attic to the main attic via the hvac trunk line.

It took me 5 traps and a game camera to catch him, but I finally caught a little deer mouse. I determined that he got into my house through holes in the garage wall where the garage door opener sensor wires connect to the opener. I have since plugged those up. I keep sunflower seeds for the birds in my garage and I found piles of sunflower seeds in the attic. I suspect that he has been going down to the garage at night and hoarding food in my attic for the past eight months.

I have set up my game camera every night since I caught him .... no signs of any other mice. I have this one in a 10 gallon aquarium tank with aspen shavings, food, and water. I hate keeping him caged, but it is early February in NH. I suspect letting him go now would be a death sentence.

My plan was to upgrade him to a 55 gallon tank (I have an empty one) and keep him until Spring ... late March. That is almost 2 months away. I will build a release box with nesting material and food inside. Since he cannot get back into my house, I was simply going to place the nesting box under my shed.

Is this a good plan? Any advice is appreciated.

P.S. I read all about the hantavirus. I still cannot bring myself to kill this little guy.

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