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nolagurl 11-11-2002 06:31 AM

Gas Heaters
A question:

My snakes cages are very close to a space heater. I've never thought about it before but are they safe next to this? The heaters are only left on when someone is home, so fire is not an issue. I was wondering about the fumes. I put their cages close to the heater because the house can get ridiculously cold duning the winter and it prvoides extra warmth.


Lizgirl 11-11-2002 02:48 PM

The fumes may be a problem, but I have not heard of any warnings concerning gas heaters and fumes.

My main concern would be that they might get too hot. Be careful to keep a close eye on their temperature.

You might also want to post a question on the forum. There are a lot of snake experts there. I am just an ammateur.

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