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Sassy 12-12-2002 10:47 AM

Should You Supplement Your Bird's Diet?
Nutrition is one of the most controversial areas of owning a pet bird. The belief that seed-only diets are adequate is generally considered obsolete. Unfortunately, a consensus on what comprises an ideal diet has yet to emerge.

Pelleted commercial diets are usually recognized as a good foundation, but a problem arises over the question of supplements. Some authorities believe no supplementation is necessary and a pellet-only diet is satisfactory for most pet birds. Many others feel that a variety of supplements help round out a pelleted base.

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Crittercall 12-13-2002 01:52 PM

This is a situation where you need to know the needs of your specific breed, too. An African Gray needs more calcium than the average bird, whether they are breeding or not. An Eclectus needs more Vitamin A in his/her diet. I have recently found a really good Bird Shop where the man has really studied what each breed needs and I respect his knowledge - even if he is the one who hurt my feelings!

I use a supplement with my birds called Petamine. I don't remember now where I heard of it or exactly what is in it, but I do know that Henry's colors are much more brilliant when he is on it. I could also tell from Erin's Amazon whether she was feeding her Petamine or not because of the color.

Most of the reading I have done and people I have talked to are totally against water soluble vitamins. With those, you are never sure how much of the supplement the bird is getting (because they do sometimes try to take a bath in their water dish!).

It is much safer all around to try to feed a good pelleted diet supplemented with vegetables, pasta, etc.

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