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Animal Welfare & Legal Issues

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  1. NY: Support A.1824/S.1895, a Bill Prohibiting Denying Insurance Based on Breed
  2. "Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Licensing Act" proposed in NJ
  3. VA Considers Mandatory Spay/Neuter Bill That Affects Responsible Breeders
  4. Students fined over animal cruelty
  5. SLAUGHETR of Monk Parakeets in Connecticutt!!
  6. country club plans on euthanizing cats
  7. Bird Flu
  8. Please Help get Justice
  9. Kitties get Justice?
  10. Japan puts whale burger on menu
  11. More Taxes? What Do you think?
  12. Bring Katrina Pets Home!
  13. Diamond Pet Food Recall!!!
  14. Can we stop dog/car fur trade?
  15. Be An Angel And Give A Gift Of A Life Time Give Them A Roof Over Thier Heads
  16. Dog Freezes to Death in Toledo, OH
  17. Ban for Exotics in Ohio
  18. Disturbing image for animal lovers and pet owners
  19. Fire: need fosters NOW!
  20. Pet Supplies Plus
  21. State of Louisiana blocks animal rescue while thousands of pets face starvation.....
  22. Help with advice on neighbor's runaway dog
  23. So, What Do You Guys All Think Of The Farm Animal Abuse?
  24. live cats and dogs being used as bait.
  25. Dogs being shot in St. Bernard Parish, LA - lobby to halt it
  26. I waited ( Hurricane Katrina poem)
  27. Petition to encouage the passage of PETS act HR 3858
  28. Hurricane Katrina animal rescue
  29. The slaughter of dogs in LA
  30. Horse Slaughter
  31. Sign the petition please!
  32. No sympathy from travel insurance company
  33. Katrina victims
  34. Ways You Can Help Katrina's Animal Victims
  35. Woman fired for attempting to help dogs
  36. Worldwide directory of rescue organizations,shelters,and humane societies
  37. Commerce MI. considers banning Pit Bulls
  38. Animal Custody
  39. Fight Puppy Mills - Support the Pet Animal Welfare Statue (PAWS)
  40. Antifreeze is Deadly to Children & Animals - Help Make it Safe
  41. Dog Napping...
  42. Pit Bulls in Denver
  43. Taking action!
  44. Dead animals found in Dumpster...
  45. I'm doing something about it!
  46. Who do I call?
  47. Starting young...
  48. Omak Suicide Race
  49. Update: Hayward Rabbit's Abuser Sentenced 5/20/05
  50. stray dogs in Portugal need help.......
  51. Pit Bulls
  52. Animal Abuser Found GUILTY!
  53. Fingers in the Fence
  54. Tennessee Animal rights
  55. Wis. Professor to Test Stun Guns on Pigs
  56. Do I have any Legal Rights to sue or anything?
  57. Legal Rights
  58. NC Residents - Bill 511
  59. Don't Shoot The Cat
  60. Fur Coats--I am totally speechless and my gut is flipping over...
  61. Is this for real?
  62. Wildlife Abuse: Law vs. Ethic
  63. Too bizarre to even title...
  64. Florida Man Charged with Biting Head Off Bird
  65. 134 dead cats found in home
  66. A good day for wolves.
  67. Tiger Bites Man, Tiger Could Die...
  68. Horses Found Starved
  69. Sad Situation!
  70. Federal: Congress to Allow Sale and Slaughter of America's Wild Horses and Burros
  71. Animal Rights Law....a helpful site
  72. Important! This could affect all breeders and pet owners in VA, and soon in other!
  73. What paints are safe to dogs?
  74. Bad Pet Store!!!
  75. Pet Guinea Pig & Rabbit Cooked & Served in Class.
  76. Stop Breed Specific Bans!!
  77. Young Bunnies for sale
  78. How to eat without encouraging animal cruelty?
  79. Renters rights and visiting pets
  80. Please sign petition to save wild horses and burros
  81. Emergency:congress Approves Finances To Kill Thousands Of Wild Horses And Burros!
  82. Unethical treament of meat packing plants revealed
  83. I've been swindled.
  84. States Tolerant of Ferrets
  85. Cats mistreated,but i saved'em
  86. Marsupial laws in BC Canada
  87. Pup Shoots Man, saves litter mates.....
  88. Mass Killing of Stray Dogs In Greece
  89. PETA Cracked by Penn and Teller
  90. Poultry Plant Fires 11 After Abuse Video
  91. Where can I find out about pet laws where I live?
  92. My dog, my fence, the law?
  93. Pit bull owner accepts guilt for chance to challenge law
  94. Help Fight Equine Cruelty
  95. Legislation to Ban Foie Gras Moves Forward
  96. wedding doves
  97. What happened to freedom of choice?
  98. Police Dog Training - cruelty?
  99. Samurai Pet Rescue
  100. Doggie seatbelts
  101. Hi! New Here~ Concern for Chickens.....opinions please?
  102. The Power of Pets
  103. NJ Horse Breeder Charged with Animal Neglect
  104. Dog Survives 35 Days in Desert Pit
  105. Cat Survives Cross Country Move In Drawer
  106. Cat Pierced with an Arrow
  107. Texas Hedgehog needs help!
  108. Exotic Animal Bans...
  109. chicken fights-should they be allowed?
  110. My dog was shot and killed by an off-duty officer
  111. Animal Cruelty!!!!!
  112. Help us SAVE the Priarie Dog!!!!
  113. Stop the Florida Wildlife Commission...
  114. 8 Dogs Die After Oregon Leash Dispute
  115. Time to stand up and make a difference... no more pet bans
  116. Rabbits banned in Michigan!!
  117. Hhs Bans Rodent Imports From Africa;
  118. Ferret burned - abuse case
  119. Pet Owners Appalled by Hawaii's Quarantine
  120. Petition to stop the killing of seals in Canada!!
  121. interesting dog show ruling
  122. How could they do this?
  123. Foolish Judge
  124. bit off good news
  125. Is there such a thing.....
  127. Cure Could Be Almost As Bad As The Disease
  128. ATTN: California Residents!
  129. Calls Needed!! re DROWNED DOG AT JONES BEACH(Wantagh, NY)
  130. Help NYC Carriage Horses!
  131. At Heart of Hoax May Be Society's Failure to Value Love For a Pet
  132. Secret System Hides Concerns on S.C. Veterinary Care
  133. Alleged Animal Abuser Found Competent to Stand Trial
  134. Letters Needed in "Worst" Animal Cruelty Case
  135. Help Ban Gestation Crates
  136. Marine Mammal Protection Act
  137. New York State Residents: Your Help Needed To Pass Animal Welfare Legislation!
  138. Update on York, SC, Horse Abuse Case:
  139. New York CACC Petition: Please Sign
  140. Warning: NY: Bad Vet
  141. Police Report on Dog Dragging:
  142. Exotic Laws By State
  143. Texas
  144. NC Laws
  145. Euthanised Pets *~* WARNING -- GRAPHIC *~*
  146. Horses Returned to Abuser?
  147. Horse Rescue Fraud
  148. Help Make Bestiality a Felony in Illinois!
  149. Exotic animal ban Bill in SC
  150. Not a Refuge for All: Coyotes Targeted Again on Monomoy
  151. Puppy Protection Act Removed from Bill
  152. Conneticut Humane Advocates Pass First Law to Prohibit the Constant Chaining of Dogs
  153. Flopsy and Fido know their rights
  154. Peoples' Interest Above the Polluters' Interest
  155. dog bites and homeowner's insurance?
  156. A Real Sicko (Warning: Graphic Pics)
  157. Please help us! Over 800 cats have disappeared!
  158. US to allow canadain geese hunting
  159. I am appalled! Twisty cats
  160. Golden Retriever Pup to be Auctioned
  161. If You are in The Akron, OH area...
  162. UPDATE : Monroe County Puppy Killings
  163. Bohemia, NY: Shih Tzu & other animals seized in raid on Long Island
  164. Illinois Cat Torture Case: Letters Needed
  165. Attention, Floridians! Please Ask Governor Bush To Veto S.b. 160
  166. Horror
  167. Fur Flying Over Puppy Protection Act
  168. NJ "Rescuer" Might Get Off...Without Letters
  169. Assistance Needed w/ "New Shelter Policies" in WY - HELP!
  170. Animal Pics Needed/Activism WebSite
  171. Proposed Ban on Exotic Animals
  172. Queso's Story
  173. Breed Ban in Knox County, OH
  174. An American Nightmare for Homeowners: "Geriatric Foster Pets in Jeopardy"
  175. WARNING: Be On the Lookout for this Columbus, OH Man (graphic)
  176. Exotic Ban in Abbotsford
  177. Exotic ban takes step forward
  178. Something is FISHY!
  179. 42 Ways to Help Animals in Laboratories
  180. Animal Testing by the Cosmetic Industry
  181. Legal threat to rescue activities-URGENT
  182. PCRM List
  183. Help Protect Wild Florida From Harmful Roads And Sprawl
  184. Sign This Petition Today!!
  185. vote on impounded animal in Min. going to research
  186. abandoned boa constrictor
  187. Banning Exotic Pets in South Carolina
  188. Time Magazine Article on Canned Hunts
  189. PA Blind Man Beats His Guide Dog To Death
  190. The Legal Quandaries of the Good Samaritan
  191. Exotics Laws Discussion