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Animal Welfare & Legal Issues

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  1. Dog ownership issue
  2. Pope Francis talks about animal cruelty, animal rights
  3. Implant DOG Microchip in an easy way.
  4. Dog injury Legal Question
  5. What to do if an exotic animal has escaped?
  6. Landlord's 'ownership' of your dog
  7. Please Donate To Help Feral Kittens!
  8. legislation!
  9. Pet Boarding Center caused death of 13 cats and 300 starved
  10. The killing of Rabbits and Guinea pigs
  11. USARK Legal Action Against FWS Constrictor Rule
  12. Help rescue pets find their forever home
  13. Writing a Letter to A High School Principal About School Animal's Welfare!?
  14. Do I have a right to be mad about this?
  15. Animal Protection Is The Most Meaningful Cause
  16. need legal advice in texas
  17. West Virginia Reptile Ban Alert
  18. Federal Python Ban Alert--Urgent
  19. Rhode Island Alert
  20. The Truth About Pet Bans
  21. More Bills to Fight
  22. Alert! Fight the Virginia Ban
  23. Update on the Python Ban
  24. What should I have done?
  25. new dog training
  26. cat vet advice
  27. rehabilitation of working dogs
  28. reward for caputre of person who did this
  29. do shelters need a/c and heating?
  30. Conformation dog shows and breeding
  31. Animal Hoarding Information
  32. Another Question: Pet Store Care
  33. bait dog with a second chance
  34. Petstore Neglect! (Warning: Graphic!)
  35. Precious-bunny in a hamster cage for sale
  36. Precious-bunny in a hamster cage for sale
  37. 100% of proceeds go to Humane Society!
  38. Fukushima animals
  39. glue traps
  40. CTV News Special Report
  41. we won in court!
  42. What do we do to best help the animals and the planet?
  43. This is infuriating!
  44. Required Liability Insurance
  45. Advice Maybe?
  46. too young to be sold?
  47. Recall for Parsley, Cilantro, and other greens
  48. Viewer Discretion (video) -opinions, NOT DEBATE
  49. Custody Issue with my Cat
  50. Punish the deed, Not the breed
  51. If you know him, turn him in
  52. Puppy skinned alive in rescue shelter
  53. Frozen reptile food recall
  54. Fat Cats and Lucky Dogs - How to leave some of your estate to your pets
  55. Wal-mart employee begs public to contact PETA
  56. What should I do?
  57. New legislation in China for banning cat/dog meat
  58. Dogs and cat abandoned in house for weeks.. ****GRAPHIC IMAGE****
  59. Hamster microwaved
  60. Letter to a Backyard Breeder
  61. Woman Jailed for making son smash Pet Hamster
  62. FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats
  63. THIS is why you shouldnt buy from chain pet stores....
  64. WOOT! One for the Good Guys!
  65. One word, SICK!
  66. Flag this video!
  67. What the?!?!
  68. zoos
  69. Toronto Humane Society Protest - September 12th @ 2:00pm
  70. Puppy Taped To Fridge
  71. Baby Deer Stomped To Death
  72. Too Sad For Words
  73. Oh My God You Could Just Explode!
  74. Puppy Mills: A Living Nightmare
  75. An uphill struggle
  76. OUCH Politics?
  77. What about my best friend?????
  78. 2 Bunnies Drowned at Petland
  79. Just about 300 chihuahuas in a lil' house...
  80. Has anyone ever seen this?
  81. Sign petition for ASPCA to acknowledge 3rd most popular pet
  82. Drop Boxes?
  83. Animal testing?
  84. Humane Society of the United States
  85. skunks
  86. skunks
  87. Commercial Dog and cat food
  88. Gothic Kittens?
  89. This MUST stop - PLEASE help
  90. Brad Pattison Street Safety
  91. Chipmunk Licenses in the US
  92. Help Italian Rabbits!
  93. Pitbulls banned in Montana!
  94. GAAAA i HATE Northern Ireland!
  95. I need your help.
  96. Legal Action Against Shelter?
  97. My dog Bodie
  98. Gaaaa "live Rat Gets Fed To Ferrets On Youtube"
  99. Kitten used as football...
  100. C.A.R.E. Campaign
  101. The Dogs of War... literally...
  102. Cruelty to the little ones...
  103. Boy feeds Aussie zoo's animals to croc
  104. new pet food recall - Mars brands
  105. Four Paws, Inc.
  106. Authorized "Resellers"
  107. Puppy rescuer given a job
  108. Animal Cruelty Case
  109. Meet up for defendors agianst BSL
  110. My PitBull
  111. Helping Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets
  112. Proposal to euthanize wild horses
  113. Dear Puppy Mill Owner
  114. Owning a Fox
  115. Dream of starting a animal rescue......
  116. Starving dog dies while in an 'art' exhibit
  117. Century 21 has a puppy mill listed for sale!
  118. So unfair
  119. Information Request
  120. Fennec Fox Help
  121. Legal Weaning Age of Cats, California and Washington State?
  122. Puppy mill pair fined
  123. Nutro pet food, possible risks?
  124. Marine seems to hurl puppy off cliff in video
  125. I feel so bad
  126. A pet skunk?
  127. How horrible
  128. Videotape Prompts Cow Abuse Investigation
  129. Stop This Show On Fox
  130. Petsmart, the horror
  131. Petsmart Animal Supplier Under Investigation for Cruelty
  132. PETA Killed 97 Percent of Rescues in 2006
  133. 30+ Horses found dead...
  134. Pet Food Recall
  135. Racism!
  136. money!
  137. injecting fish with dye
  138. What do you think about cloning?
  139. Save The Dolphins!!
  140. Fury Spreads In Puerto Rico Pet Massacre
  141. Sick to my stomach
  142. Animal hoarder
  143. guinea pig and ferrets
  144. update of Dusty the malnourished horse
  145. Trying to STOP chaining in NL
  146. They gave their rodents fresh veggies!
  147. Makes me so mad! Makes me so sad!
  148. Poor Kitties
  149. Pet Charity
  150. WARNING - GRAPHIC The realities of dogfighting -
  151. China's White Dolphin (Baiji) likely extinct.
  152. American Bald Eagle..
  153. starting a horse rescue
  154. Foot and Mouth.
  155. Malnourished horse
  156. Dog shot in head with a crossbow and Amy Tryon...
  157. Burned Kitten in calif
  158. Tragic/Infuriating
  159. Help save polar bears
  160. Walmart...
  161. Coroner accused of cruelty to guinea pigs
  162. Bullfighting
  163. Greedy backyard breeder...poor puppies
  164. Romney blasted for strapping dog to car roof
  165. Animal testing
  166. Dozens of dogs seized from deplorable conditions
  167. Welfare / testing Links
  168. Puppy Eaten by Snake
  169. Puppy Eaten by Snake
  170. now acetaminophen in foods??
  171. Boycott Amazon
  172. Please Help - Re: Peach Wood
  173. "Spay or Pay" Law in effect in California
  174. Petition On Carnival Animals and Their Welfare
  175. Unfit conditions
  176. Opening animal resue center
  177. Read, Comment and Follow Your Conscious!
  178. Argh bad pet store
  179. Petition against Pet Supplies Plus in Dickson City, PA.
  180. more melamine information, perhaps
  181. Abuse prevention month
  182. Precaution for Northeast PA pet owners...
  183. Grrrrr!
  184. Stop discrimination against pets.
  185. Petting farms
  186. Bullfighting
  187. ASPCA Day
  188. Canadian Seal hunt
  189. New info on pet food recall...I think...
  190. Rat Poisen found pet food!
  191. Small animal vets
  192. Company Recalls 60 Million Cans Of Pet Food
  193. Crazy Woman!
  194. Dog, cat deaths in U.S. prompt pet food recall
  195. should i still take it?
  196. Reason's to adopt rather than buy
  197. Zero
  198. I love you fish
  199. BSL Anyone?
  200. do you have trouble killing bugs
  201. Major Wolf Hunt
  202. Beyonce I used to really like
  203. Southern Flying Squirrels In AZ?
  204. What the!?
  205. Beijing Issues 1 Dog Per Family Rule
  206. How dumb is this...
  207. Cruelty free shopping
  208. Butterball's House of Horror ~ Literally
  209. This is SICK!
  210. In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story
  211. We need your Help!
  212. Mass Dog saughter in BEIJING
  213. Beware Food From Pet Shops Check It First
  214. 17 year old charged with buggery
  215. Joplin Humaine Society Strikes again!
  216. Kids picking on dogs...if they bite, who is to blame?
  217. Pet "owner" or "guardian"
  218. Petition to end animal cruelty
  219. Your chance to help European laboratory animals
  220. Green Peace plea/ whaling
  221. Puppy Mills
  222. foods toxic to dogs
  223. chanel fur -faux or real?
  224. Welch's and animal testing
  225. California, dog killers
  226. giving away kittens and fishy emails
  227. Owner's rights
  228. Video (graphic in a way)
  229. Easter Bunnies make trouble in Banff.
  230. Coworker's Dog Shot in Residential Area By A Cop
  231. support animal rescue for free
  232. Warning, animal abuse (no pictures)
  233. Prairie Dogs in Danger, Please Help!!! Citizens for Prairie Dogs
  234. Rescued degus
  235. Baby Seal Slaughter in Canada! Please help.
  236. Please sign before PTS
  237. =^-^= The suffering of the Cabbits
  238. Say no to SB 861 and BSL
  239. Three Out of Four Wolves Could Die
  240. = ^ ~ ^ = Euuurgh Gross
  241. I dont know what to say.
  242. i thought this is rather interesting, with all the cities banning pit bulls
  243. Punching horse lands man in Poo...
  244. Novia Scotia SPCA Comercial
  245. Palm Oil and the Environment
  246. yet another Pitt getting blamed!
  247. E-mail from the RSPCA
  248. Commissioners approve puppy mill in Belle Prairie
  249. Kahalu'u, Hawai'i: Puppy miller to get abused dogs back by order of judge
  250. Senate Bill 861 went into effect 01/20/06, allowing breed-specific regulations in CA.