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bear hamster, doing fine, litter mates, local pet store, male mice, pet shop, pet shops, pet store, pet stores, social animals, teddy bear, teddy bear hamster, teddy bear hamsters Housing Teddy Bear Hamsters Together (Multi-page thread 1 2)

06-21-2016 11:29 AM
by Miranda436 Last Post
24 22,532 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
Thumbs up
lab mix, litter mates, shepherd mix, vet tech After effects of Parvo Virus

08-04-2012 09:20 PM
by dktotz Last Post
11 43,167 Dogs
chow mix, fish tank, hind legs, hip dysplasia, lab mix, litter mates, shepherd mix Shar Pei Chow mix (Multi-page thread 1 2)

07-28-2010 12:40 PM
by thor Last Post
25 25,851 Dogs
cage mate, litter mates, male mice, male rat, male rats New Rattie (Multi-page thread 1 2)

12-04-2008 10:01 AM
by VanillaRat Last Post
15 2,313 Mouse & Rat Discussion
fancy mice, fancy rats, female mice, litter mates, male mice, pet store 2 Attachment(s) Mouse breed? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

05-10-2008 06:24 PM
by AnimalHobbycom Last Post
15 4,398 Mouse & Rat Discussion
litter mates Brother Misses Sister

04-15-2008 09:16 AM
by ceasoreo Last Post
9 1,221 Cats
bear hamster, cardboard box, dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, fancy rats, female mice, giant african pouched rat, guinea pig, humane society, litter mates, litter train, litter trained, local humane society, male mice, pet rats, rabbit cage, respiratory infection, respiratory infections, russian dwarf hamster, russian dwarf hamsters, spiny mice, syrian hamster, syrian hamsters, teddy bear, teddy bear hamster, teddy bear hamsters, wire cage, wire cages, wire mesh which rodent best for me? (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4)

02-23-2008 12:19 PM
by laydeerodentzz Last Post
52 12,024 General Rodent Chat
female rat, female rats, litter mates, male rat, male rats, pet quality, reputable breeder, vet tech New to group (Multi-page thread 1 2)

02-09-2008 09:57 AM
by VetTek Last Post
19 2,294 Mouse & Rat Discussion
female mice, kitten food, litter mates, male mice Pregnant?

01-23-2008 10:44 AM
by VanillaRat Last Post
4 1,183 Mouse & Rat Discussion
food bowl, food bowls, litter mates, separate cages Two Males Fighting for Dominance

01-20-2008 08:12 PM
by pixidance Last Post
4 1,683 Degu Discussion
adoption fee, kitten food, litter mates, nesting material Mice just had babies. A little advice please?

01-02-2008 12:20 AM
by Binky Last Post
5 2,072 Mouse & Rat Discussion
baby mice, dwarf hamster, food dishes, litter mates, pet shop, pet shops, pet store, seperate cages Introducing new hamster... (Multi-page thread 1 2)

12-30-2007 01:18 PM
by Tonya Last Post
20 7,485 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
litter mates, regular vet, vet visit, vet visits Yey I'm getting baby dumbos, wahoo!

10-28-2007 11:48 PM
by Myrhme Last Post
10 1,483 Mouse & Rat Discussion

10-08-2007 04:01 PM
by lucky13loves Last Post
5 1,135 Cats
humane society, litter mates, male cat pregnant cat

10-08-2007 02:24 PM
by kitty0123456789 Last Post
4 1,366 Cats
animal rescue, animal shelter, cage mate, guinea pig, humane society, litter mates, male mice, pet store, pet stores Now what to do with the babies... (Multi-page thread 1 2)

09-27-2007 11:38 AM
by christine Last Post
15 2,685 Mouse & Rat Discussion
litter mates, male mice new mice

08-27-2007 07:39 PM
by Mousey Last Post
11 1,402 Mouse & Rat Discussion
cage cleaning, female mice, litter mates, male mice, pet mice, social animals Should i get some mice?

08-20-2007 09:08 PM
by icouldeatthemoo Last Post
9 1,745 Mouse & Rat Discussion
black hooded, litter box, litter mates, rat cage That's It, I Have Made Up My Mind! (Multi-page thread 1 2)

04-23-2007 12:53 PM
by mulder Last Post
29 2,413 Mouse & Rat Discussion
litter mates Foster bunny?

03-20-2007 05:53 PM
by kathydip Last Post
4 1,218 Rabbit Discussion
bigger tank, litter mates, males together, pet store, pet stores My New Additions

03-20-2007 04:17 PM
by ddsmom Last Post
14 1,281 Mouse & Rat Discussion
baby mice, female mice, food bowl, food bowls, litter mates, male mice, males together, pet shop, pet shops mouse quistion

03-10-2007 09:07 PM
by VanillaRat Last Post
12 1,533 Mouse & Rat Discussion
cage mate, female mice, litter mates, male mice, pet store Can males live together?

03-10-2007 08:13 AM
by christine Last Post
7 1,435 Mouse & Rat Discussion
litter mates, pet store The Newbie!

01-03-2007 09:23 PM
by VanillaRat Last Post
11 1,068 Mouse & Rat Discussion
animal cruelty, animal lover, animal lovers, litter mates, pet owner, wild animal, wild animals Any fox people out there? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

10-10-2006 10:17 PM
by ShyVulpine Last Post
22 6,268 Other Exotics
dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, litter mates Introducing a 3rd girl

09-08-2006 12:46 PM
by Skratikans Last Post
4 1,490 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
border collie, litter mates Sir bites a lot = Help

05-01-2006 12:57 AM
by terrylynnn9 Last Post
13 1,415 Dogs
lab block, lab blocks, litter mates need crash course on rats

02-03-2006 03:11 PM
by Padfoot Last Post
1 1,277 Mouse & Rat Discussion
animal rescue, animal shelter, litter mates, litter pan, local animal shelter Why is it?

12-31-2005 12:16 PM
by Keritsubo Last Post
5 1,604 Cats
bull terrier, bully breeds, chicken soup, cocker spaniel, crate trained, crate training, humane society, litter mates, males together, older dog, pit bull, pit bulls For those of you with more than one dog (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)

12-29-2005 02:37 PM
by askmrrio Last Post
43 5,029 Dogs
litter mates Home for Degu needed in the UK (Multi-page thread 1 2)

12-19-2005 09:48 PM
by DeguLover Last Post
15 2,344 Degu Discussion
animal shelter, german shepherd, litter mates, shepherd mix, yellow lab 2 Attachment(s) german shepherd/husky? i dont know!

12-13-2005 10:28 AM
by catsluvme Last Post
12 2,347 Dogs
doing fine, indoor cat, litter mates, male cat help kitten attack

05-12-2005 01:00 PM
by lixx Last Post
8 2,181 Cats
litter mates age to get a puppy?

04-21-2005 01:54 PM
by Chrisanne Last Post
2 4,101 Dogs
animal control, animal control officer, chow mix, litter mates, mixed breed, sugar glider, sugar gliders 1 Attachment(s) I got a puppy today (Multi-page thread 1 2)

02-01-2005 11:44 AM
by AprilsMom Last Post
23 2,671 Dogs
dog owners, litter mates, pet store, pet stores Any reason not to get 2? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

01-24-2005 08:43 PM
by babygirlleelee Last Post
18 4,532 Ferret Discussion
litter mates, local shelter, pet rats, reputable breeder, social animals Help.

01-18-2005 05:37 PM
by Purplebunny Last Post
6 1,506 Mouse & Rat Discussion
litter mates, pet store Pics of Sue and Maude

12-04-2004 08:33 PM
by Millimi Last Post
11 1,939 Mouse & Rat Discussion
animal cruelty, litter mates Pup Shoots Man, saves litter mates.....

11-21-2004 12:38 AM
by CorinasCritters Last Post
6 2,356 Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
bull terrier, bully breeds, chew toy, chew toys, food bowl, food bowls, litter mates, local shelter, pit bull, pit bull terrier, toy fox terrier I need some help (Multi-page thread 1 2)

07-19-2004 08:35 PM
by blondie Last Post
26 2,709 Dogs
australian cattle dog, cattle dog, chew toy, chew toys, clicker training, crate training, dog food, dog training, lab mix, litter mates, older dog, potty train, potty training Need puppy training help PLEASE! (Multi-page thread 1 2)

06-17-2004 03:49 PM
by kittygurl823 Last Post
27 2,666 Dogs
litter mates, potty train, potty trained, potty training New Puppy! (Multi-page thread 1 2)

06-10-2004 01:43 PM
by Wisdom Last Post
19 1,932 Dogs

06-09-2004 11:11 PM
by RSbunny Last Post
11 1,133 Dogs
litter mates, older dog, reputable breeder Hello all and hopefully you can help me out.

05-19-2004 11:35 AM
by Dena Last Post
9 1,336 Dogs
litter mates, vet visit Update on foster pups

04-26-2004 08:58 PM
by Scarlette Last Post
13 1,314 Dogs
dog training, litter mates Meet Miss Emily

03-07-2004 12:42 AM
by RSbunny Last Post
13 1,212 Dogs
dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, litter mates, males together, syrian hamster, syrian hamsters Pic Of Zeppelin

07-16-2003 10:38 PM
by Runt Last Post
6 2,041 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
box trained, litter box, litter box trained, litter mates Ferret Playtime/Playmates

07-12-2002 02:05 PM
by buggirl19 Last Post
1 3,135 Ferret Discussion
animal control, bull terrier, chocolate lab, lab mix, litter mates, pit bull, pit bull terrier I found my puppies!

04-13-2002 12:57 AM
by Dena Last Post
13 2,419 Dogs
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