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dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, male mice, male rat, male rats, pet shop, separate cages Hamster fight! Advices please

03-06-2009 12:17 PM
by guardianstar Last Post
14 21,927 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion

02-06-2009 07:48 AM
by GerbilCrazy Last Post
1 1,607 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
degu care, food bowl, gestation period, pet owner, pet shop, pet shops, responsible pet owner, responsible pet ownership, separate cages pregancy - behaviour changes in the female (Multi-page thread 1 2)

11-17-2008 08:49 AM
by Babygirl72 Last Post
17 8,519 Degu Discussion

05-12-2008 08:36 PM
by TheFancyFerret Last Post
3 1,366 Ferret Discussion
level cage, separate cages Cage Question

05-03-2008 09:36 PM
by Tessa83 Last Post
13 1,179 Mouse & Rat Discussion
baby bunnies, netherland dwarf, separate cages, vet care Netherland Dwarf

04-09-2008 08:20 PM
by oreyo Last Post
12 1,982 Rabbit Discussion
litter box, litter boxes, litter train, litter training, separate cages, seperate cages buns happier... apart?

03-06-2008 09:15 PM
by Luckybunny Last Post
4 1,153 Rabbit Discussion
breed dogs, dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, food bowl, food bowls, level cage, pet store, separate cages, syrian hamster, syrian hamsters, wire cage number of hamsters in one cage? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

02-09-2008 02:07 AM
by karlh Last Post
18 6,913 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
food bowl, food bowls, litter mates, separate cages Two Males Fighting for Dominance

01-20-2008 08:12 PM
by pixidance Last Post
4 1,682 Degu Discussion
litter box, separate cages More bonding questions

11-26-2007 08:07 PM
by Luckybunny Last Post
12 1,236 Rabbit Discussion
pet shop, pet store, separate cages dali update and degu sex predicament!

11-18-2007 09:17 AM
by rae Last Post
6 1,901 Degu Discussion
holland lop, house rabbit, house rabbit society, mini lop, mini lops, rabbit society, separate cages New playmate for Lucky (Multi-page thread 1 2)

11-01-2007 08:32 PM
by litlebunnies2 Last Post
20 2,444 Rabbit Discussion
cage mate, separate cages Fighting Deugs

10-29-2007 03:12 PM
by MañasMom Last Post
4 1,688 Degu Discussion
baby bunny, netherland dwarf, pet shop, pet store, separate cages I'm a newbie and need some bunny advice!

09-12-2007 03:53 AM
by Cazsamps Last Post
14 1,653 Rabbit Discussion
dwarf hammies, pet store, separate cages, seperate cages Hammies had a blood fight!!! Please help!!! (Multi-page thread 1 2)

08-11-2007 04:06 PM
by tb2000 Last Post
18 2,699 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
cage mate, dust bath, food bowl, separate cages, sugar glider, sugar gliders, wire cage, wire cages Fighting Degus!! (Multi-page thread 1 2)

08-06-2007 09:40 AM
by mebri123 Last Post
15 3,301 Degu Discussion
Thumbs up
dwarf hamster, separate cages I am a one-of-a-kind hamster rescue!

07-16-2007 08:41 AM
by VanillaRat Last Post
7 1,756 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
doing fine, separate cages One of my chinchillas passed away this weekend. (Multi-page thread 1 2)

06-27-2007 12:10 AM
by Arf2184 Last Post
24 3,594 Chinchilla Discussion
separate cages our new boar!

06-24-2007 11:09 PM
by VanillaRat Last Post
5 1,335 Guinea Pig Discussion

04-29-2007 09:10 AM
by lilspaz68 Last Post
6 1,119 Mouse & Rat Discussion
pet shop, pet shops, separate cages, split cage Gerbil Fight

04-27-2007 04:44 PM
by foxyroxy292 Last Post
6 2,355 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
humane society, separate cages, seperate cages Introducing New Tiel Help

03-30-2007 02:01 PM
by BirdsLiveHere Last Post
7 1,245 Bird Discussion
guinea pig, male rat, male rats, pet store, separate cages My male (Multi-page thread 1 2)

03-05-2007 12:05 AM
by Jade Last Post
21 2,500 Guinea Pig Discussion
baby mice, baby rats, males together, nesting material, pet store, separate cages Need help with surprise mouse pregnancy... (Multi-page thread 1 2)

03-03-2007 06:21 AM
by storminstaffs Last Post
29 3,024 Mouse & Rat Discussion
female mice, guinea lynx, guinea pig, male mice, males together, red eyes, separate cages I got another one.. (Multi-page thread 1 2)

02-28-2007 03:45 PM
by Jennicat Last Post
17 2,168 Guinea Pig Discussion
alfalfa hay, breeding season, chew toy, chew toys, chinchilla pellets, dried fruit, dust bath, dust baths, gestation period, grass hay, guinea pig, hairless rat, nest box, pet shop, pet shops, separate cages, wire mesh 2 Attachment(s) HELP andy's missing arm fur

01-24-2007 10:01 PM
by mebri123 Last Post
12 2,290 Chinchilla Discussion
dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, pet store, pet stores, separate cages, syrian hamster, syrian hamsters, teddy bear Hamster Help!?

11-09-2006 03:03 PM
by alliexox Last Post
7 1,555 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
food bowl, food bowls, gold fish, separate cages, sit still fuzzy needs a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-13-2006 08:17 AM
by Amethystbelle Last Post
10 1,886 Degu Discussion
animal care, separate cages MOre Bunny Bonding

08-03-2006 07:00 PM
by purplebumble Last Post
2 1,037 Rabbit Discussion
bird cage, lay eggs, nesting material, separate cages My cockatiel Questions (Multi-page thread 1 2)

07-11-2006 11:24 AM
by scottyc510 Last Post
19 2,203 Bird Discussion
pet store, separate cages Read this immediatley!!!

06-11-2006 09:39 PM
by VanillaRat Last Post
5 1,296 Mouse & Rat Discussion
baby degus, breeding pair, guinea pig, pet store, pet stores, separate cages, wild animal, wild animals The curiosity surrounding degus. (Multi-page thread 1 2)

03-19-2006 03:31 PM
by DeguCrazy Last Post
19 4,994 Degu Discussion
neutered male, separate cages Thinking about getting a third piggie...

02-01-2006 10:55 AM
by Critterangels Last Post
3 1,331 Guinea Pig Discussion
hind legs, males together, pet store, separate cages I need some advice

01-30-2006 03:24 PM
by Chinchilla Gal Last Post
9 1,437 Chinchilla Discussion
baby bunnies, pet shop, separate cages, seperate cages is light nibbling normal?

01-28-2006 02:47 AM
by j0cy0223 Last Post
7 1,643 Chinchilla Discussion
bear hamster, black bear, dark brown, dwarf hamster, dwarf hamsters, pet store, separate cages, syrian hamster, syrian hamsters, teddy bear, teddy bear hamster, teddy bear hamsters New Hamster

12-07-2005 07:17 PM
by Zouave Last Post
9 2,091 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
males together, separate cages Lovebird help!

08-25-2005 01:06 PM
by thebigwoodgie Last Post
2 1,381 Bird Discussion
separate cages Pictures of My Mice

04-04-2005 02:34 PM
by GerbilGal Last Post
7 1,103 Mouse & Rat Discussion
Red face
animal care, baby bunny, separate cages Sad story, but I have another bunny! (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4)

01-26-2005 06:03 PM
by Millimi Last Post
53 4,651 Rabbit Discussion
Red face
alfalfa hay, chinchilla pellets, dust bath, food bowl, gerty guinea pig, guinea pig, guinea pig excel biscuits, guinea pig food, guinea pig pellets, pet shop, pig food, separate cages, shredded wheat, sit still, timothy hay, wire mesh Hi! Are There Any Brits Out There Who Have Degus? (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)

01-20-2005 04:32 PM
by Purplebunny Last Post
40 6,377 Degu Discussion
separate cages Angora?

12-24-2004 09:47 PM
by Millimi Last Post
3 1,364 Rabbit Discussion
pet store, separate cages Generally anti-social degu?

12-07-2004 09:16 AM
by degu mad Last Post
5 3,459 Degu Discussion
separate cages Socializing Problems...

11-27-2004 09:29 PM
by ILoveFuzzies Last Post
5 1,743 Ferret Discussion
african grey, green cheek conure, local pet store, pet store, pet stores, separate cages, sun conure Many Questions about Birds as pets

10-27-2004 03:48 PM
by PeachLoveBird Last Post
12 2,652 Bird Discussion
separate cages Pregnant or Horribly Ill?

09-12-2004 07:33 PM
by andreaS15 Last Post
1 1,362 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
animal lover, house rabbit, separate cages Carmen, Mo is being a brat!

09-03-2004 06:30 PM
by RSbunny Last Post
10 1,182 Rabbit Discussion
baby bunny, separate cages introductions of new bunny

07-28-2004 11:40 PM
by veggiegirl Last Post
1 1,236 Rabbit Discussion
red eyes, separate cages New Parakeet

05-15-2004 07:22 AM
by Millimi Last Post
2 1,633 Bird Discussion
guinea pig, separate cages My rabbits are mental! Help!

05-14-2004 01:49 AM
by RSbunny Last Post
14 2,690 Rabbit Discussion
cage mate, separate cages, wire mesh What type of hamster???

04-19-2004 07:05 PM
by aznhammy Last Post
10 2,821 Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
chin room, male cat, males together, separate cages, wire cage The "Smush" method (Multi-page thread 1 2)

04-10-2004 08:51 AM
by Rocheal Last Post
21 2,486 Chinchilla Discussion
lay eggs, males together, nest box, separate cages Introducing Birds to each other.

03-06-2004 01:52 PM
by Jodi Last Post
8 3,414 Bird Discussion
cage mate, neutered male, separate cages 1 Attachment(s) Poll: What's Easiest?

07-09-2003 07:35 PM
by Rocheal Last Post
14 2,463 Chinchilla Discussion
cage cleaning, dried pine, guinea pig, kiln dried, kiln dried pine, pine shavings, separate cages, wood shavings Cedar Bedding

06-13-2003 02:42 AM
by Sshadowsmom Last Post
8 2,821 Guinea Pig Discussion
beautiful bird, pet store, separate cages Lories

04-05-2003 12:15 PM
by Crittercall Last Post
2 1,920 Bird Discussion
ball python, doing fine, separate cages Ball Python Question

01-29-2003 01:35 AM
by Ravnos Last Post
4 2,704 Snakes
bird cage, separate cages budgie rescue!

11-23-2002 09:21 AM
by Crittercall Last Post
6 3,699 Bird Discussion
lay eggs, nest box, separate cages Cockatiel laying too many eggs

11-02-2002 12:46 AM
by tree Last Post
9 8,875 Pet Health Concerns
alfalfa hay, breeding season, chinchilla pellets, dust bath, dust baths, gestation period, guinea pig, level cage, litter box, respiratory infection, separate cages, timothy hay, wire mesh Chinchilla Care

08-30-2002 04:10 PM
by Jade Last Post
0 3,874 Chinchilla Discussion
breeding season, exotic vet, separate cages Breeding Your Chinchilla

08-29-2002 05:52 PM
by Jade Last Post
0 2,271 Chinchilla Discussion
dust bath, guinea pig, guinea pig food, pig food, separate cages 5 Attachment(s) worried sick (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)

08-16-2002 08:29 PM
by capnsweets Last Post
37 5,217 Chinchilla Discussion
food bowl, pet shop, separate cages Are two males capable of being housed together

04-02-2002 12:08 AM
by Nancy Last Post
1 6,069 Ferret Discussion
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