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  1. Ferret Discussion
    Im going to be adopting my friends ferret in a few weeks where they dont have the time for her that she deserves. Shes going to be 6 in a few months so shes getting up there in ferret years so i wanted to know if anyone had any advice for taking care of an older ferret =) i already have a...
  2. Dogs
    Well, we have all been stressed out since the loss of our GSD, Indie and it's been tough to go through. We were going out of the house more as a family, having some great times and Indie meant the world to us. We had got a whole new routine sorted out and now he has gone, everything has just...
  3. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    I have a question, I'm new to the pet world and picked up our first Poodle/Dox for my sons' three year birthday yesterday. Paid the individual and took the puppy home, no problems. One thing that was consistent during our visit was the reiterating by the owner how she runs a day care now and...
1-3 of 3 Results