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  1. Lizards
    I currently have an African Fat-Tailed gecko and a Leopard Gecko. I'd like to get a Crested eventually. Here's my AFT: And my Leo: Hope you enjoyed the photos. :)
  2. Other Pets
    I took some new pics the other day when I was cleaning Slinky's tank and decided to share! I love my new camera,as I couldn't take pics of the isopods before...but now I can! These are just some of the colony that lives with Slinky.
  3. General Animal Discussion
    My current foster dog Bambi and one of my kittens Benjamin really like eachother! They are always cuddling and Bambi tries to nurse Benji! My favorite picture of the lot.
  4. General Animal Discussion
    Introduce your Pets Well I just thought it would be fun if we all introduced our pets. . . again, so that way everyone can get to know all the pets and its easier to learn about everyones pets if its all in one place (mostly) ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ Okay, first up in...
  5. Other Pets
    Yup, a little update! Heres Mr. Squishy Man, eating an unfortunate cricket!! XD Ad as you can see, I switched him too sand! And Millie! I kinda stole her from my teacher, LOL. I think she forgot I had her! ;) This was the first time she acually let me hold her in months, so Im super...
  6. Other Pets
    I had been wanting a millipede for some time, and just yesterday ended up with a pink legged one...and some roaches.:P I cannot find a whole lot of information online about them. Awhile ago I talked to someone who told me the require the same care as the giants, but I was wondering if anyone...
  7. The Water Cooler
    So how'd you all get your pets? We got Kiwi, when my dad wanted to see what some puppies that were listed in the paper looked like. We went and saw them and came home with Kiwi Then we got Kibbles , when I spent 2 months begging for another dog (Kiwi was my moms) so we were going to a place...
  8. General Animal Discussion
    So... out of boredom and curiosity what your pet list. I mean what pets do you want or really like and wish you could have etc... I have a hugish list ... ha ha ha what am I talking about, I have a binder of pets i would like. These are pets I know I can get in Canada (Canadian Breeder...
  9. General Animal Discussion
    Ry wants a pet really badly. We're renting right now so we can't get a dog yet - not interested in a cat or rabbit (allergic). He had gerbils before but they're quite skittish. Is there anything that he could actually interact with?
  10. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hi everyone! I know we are all animal lovers here on this site so i was just wondering what kind of rodents do you have and pefer? What are their names and how old are they? Also if you have other animals feel free to put them too! =] <33
  11. Other Pets
    I have now begun my search for a second African giant millipede,as well as a few other the pink footed millipede and others. Does anyone know of a Canadian supplier that would ship to Newfoundland at reasonable prices??
  12. The Water Cooler
    Well I know I'm not the most "active" person on the forum and since there are now so many users and I can't keep track of everyone LOL I wanted to kind of get to know everyone(Iknow thats where the introdutions section comes in but I really can't keep track) ...So if you don't mind introducing...
  13. General Animal Discussion
    Lately, ive been thinking of getting another pet. I want something small, like a hermit crab or something around that size. I want something i can hold, or at least touch, so no fish. Any suggestions?
  14. Other Pets
    I used to specialize in rodents and herps (hence the handle "furryscaly", and also kept a few birds and other critters. These days I still have a few reptiles and amphibians, but due to my living arrangements most of my pets are invertebrates. Does anyone else here keep bugs of any kind, and...
  15. Other Pets
    Here are some new pics of Slinky...enjoy! She's my baby!
  16. Other Pets
    Anyone know any websites that have either African pet names (and how to pronounce them) or sites with names for pet bugs? I wanna find a really good name for my millipede,which is female BTW.
  17. Other Pets
    I got a new pet tonight.I got my African giant millipede!And thanks to Camille (ArcadiaReptiles).I am so happy. He (actually I am not sure it's sex yet) is quite interesting and when I handle him and am going to put him back,he doesn't wanna leave my fingers/hands and will hold on tighter to...
  18. Vents and Rants
    Okay...these past few days have been sooo GAH! I am not looking for advice,just wanna vent and get it off my chest. First off,after pretty much fighting...I finally was told I could have a guinea pig that was being neglected.I was excited and looking forward to it,to find out a couple days...
  19. Other Pets
    I should be getting my African giant millipede.I have wanted one for a long time now.After doing research and getting what I needed and then a friend giving me birthday money to actually get it,I went and found out EVERY pet place was sold out...:rolleyes: I found someone on a local forum who...
1-20 of 22 Results