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  1. Cats
    How long do cats live? I have two cat's that are 15 years old. I was just wandering how long cats can live?
  2. Bird Discussion
    Please give me your estimate on how old my cockatiel is. Here is a discription of him - yellow face -grayish pink legs -grayish pink nostrils -orange dots ( ears) :lol: -yellow crest -very vocal -eats alot -gray beak -brown eyes Thank you!
  3. Cats
    I caught a ferral kitten underneath my neighbor's porch. I'm not sure if she is old enough to be away from her mom. However if I send her back out there she will probably always be ferral or get hit on the road because the neighbors feed them but never try to pet them or interact with them. I...
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi Everyone We have a doe who had 3 babies 7 weeks ago. We had planned to keep a female as a companion for the mother and sell the rest, but as there were only 3 and we have become so attached to the boys, we have decided to keep them all. We have had them sexed and there are 2 boys and 1...
  5. Lizards
    I got my iguana a few weeks ago and they couldnt tell me how old "it" was so could someone help me? "it" is 22 inches from head to tail and 6 from head to where his tail starts its fine if no one can help me tell if hes a boy or girl but id like to at least figure out his age here are some...
  6. General Animal Discussion
    Hi: I just want to announce that my cockatiel, Claudia, just passed her 32nd birthday!! Has anyone ever heard of that? My sister had her up until a week ago and feeds her baked chicken once a week as well as lettuce and bird food.
  7. Hedgehog Discussion
    I rescued him but no one seems to know his age.
  8. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    The pet shop worker estimated her age at 3-4 months. Did I get her too old? =/
  9. Prairie Dog Discussion
    mine is 10 anyone have any older than that? he just got really sick today, I'm not sure if he can make it through or not. :(
  10. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can find the age of my chin? I adopted him last September and the lady didn't know how old he was either, just said she had him for 2-3 months before she had to find him a new home. He was with a family before she took him in and she didn't know his...
  11. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Okay, I came back home yesterday after being out all day to find one of my mice had lost the use of his back legs :/ I have had these mice (him and his brother) for going on five years now so it isn't unexpected that they would be starting to feel their age. The little guy seems to be getting...
  12. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    So I was at the petstore a couple days ago, and they had 3 very young rats in a cage. At first glimpse I thought they were hairless, and what's when the person working asked if I needed help. I pointed to them and asked how much they were, how old, the sexes, etc., etc.,... And if they were...
1-12 of 12 Results