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  1. Prairie Dog Discussion
    I'm thinking of getting a prarie dog pup from Even Keel Exotics (EKE). I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me: 1.) My husband & I had a netherland dwarf until it hit adulthood because we discovered that for what ever reason the adult fur made my husband's asthma act up...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    This may sound strange. But, I’m not personally allergic to hay but I talk to a lot of people that are and I’m looking for some info to give them. I also see so many people on craigslist getting rid of their pets cause of an allergy. And I want to be able to tell them they don’t need to get rid...
  3. Dogs
    I have a dog who has bad allergies. I want to try different foods to see if that takes care of problem. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  4. Prairie Dog Discussion
    I am allergic to cats, would I be allergic to PDs?
  5. Dogs
    I have been trying to stay away from chemicals...really. All of my neighbor's have these beautiful flowering trees and some even more beautiful plants were left in our yard. Poor Spyro is dying this season. At first, his itching was just here and there but it soon got to the point where he...
  6. Dogs
    So FINALLY getting ready to move soon. I'm ecstatic! Only issue is that we're getting a roommate and my boyfriend is allergic to dogs. So far grooming has worked, but we haven't kept the dogs in our room at all...ever. I have been looking at a townhouse with dual masters (so no fighting over...
  7. Chinchilla Discussion
    I just saw a thread in the rabbit forum that gave me this idea. I have had my chinchillas for four years, and within the last year, I developed an allergy to the Timothy Hay they eat. My mom has been on me about getting rid of them for the sake of my health for a while now, which is not an...
  8. Rabbit Discussion
    Hey everyone I'm new to this board... I was searching for a message board specifically because I have had my mini lop for a year now and he is the sweetest rabbit. The only problem is my husband is allergic to the hay. He has been suffering with the hay for the past year because he knows how...
1-8 of 8 Results