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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Finally I am able to show of my angels! (I'm such a proud mama XD) This is Katie. A Shetland sheep dog, husky mix. She is blind, has diabetes and has something wrong with her nose. (Vet is trying to find out why.) She is a real sweetie, very behaved, and loves sleeping. She is 8 years old and...
  2. Aquatic Discussion
    Has cleared up nicely and fish appear to be enjoying the extra swimming room. Should look ok once it loses the newly done look by growing in a bit
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    I finished the 5ft rescape today. Started last night about 8pm Friday night, pulled up at 2am Sat morning (pulling plants, catching fish, draining water, removing old substrate, fully cleaning tank, getting wood just how i wanted it *L*, put in layer of laterite and dino duno, wash new gravel...
  4. Aquatic Discussion
    Lookin what my pair got up to last night!! Will they eat them...probably. But practice makes perfect i hope *LOL*
  5. Aquatic Discussion
    Tank has now been rescaped...Some fish back in and looking different *L* 1 cory returned by accident, so as soon as i catch it, it will be put in the planted 2ft with the other 2 cories. All the BN are now out and in their breeding tank (yay yay) Who returned to the 5ft tank! Angels ~...
  6. Aquatic Discussion
    Snapped a few pics of some of my fish from my 5ft planted tank at feeding time
  7. Aquatic Discussion
    Biatch (breeding pair to Frell) Frell (breeding pair to Biatch) Angelus Grayson Tigger Koda Amarillo
1-7 of 7 Results