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  1. Introductions
    We are here to promote our new animal welfare organisation (The Animal Magic Foundation) and generate interest in our crowdfunding campaign to develop many fundraising projects and eventually a fantastic base for our work! Have a good day! IAMF Help to Build the Most Spectacular Animal...
  2. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    So at school we have tons of animals; large and small. We have SMALL ANIMALS -2male Albino rabbits -1female Albino rabbit -2male brown rabbits -1female brown rabbit -1male black and white floppy-eared rabbit -1white Gerbil -4Degus LARGE ANIMALS -2 adolescent hogs -2dozen chickens So as far...
  3. Vents and Rants
    Same old thing, new person. "New girl" (we are going to call her this) got her first chins in 2008. Between jan. and jul. I think. Well "new girl" says this is her moms animals, and she just helps her out some times. This is fine, no problem. "New girl" has ferrest, and once said that chins are...
  4. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    While researching reasons for daisy's new aggression I found this on google video. If you type dog food secrets you can find more info but this is just one link to a video I found.
  5. The Water Cooler
    So today was the annual downtown Christmas parade.It was sunny for abit,but started to snow half way thru.It was also very cold. I walked in it for my 8th yr with GPAC (Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada).I was holding the sign.It was fun,I love walking in the parade and look forward to it each...
  6. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Alright everyone I know I haven't been on here much lately but I am asking everyone to help me out! I recently watched Hayden Panettiere (Claire from Heroes) on the Ellen show. All they were talking about was Hayden's recent trip to Japan to help save the dolphins. They showed a clip of Hayden...
  7. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Just for a survey I'm doing for school what do people think about animal testing? Do u think it's necessary?
  8. Vents and Rants
    I don't know what to do I am so fustrated. My boyfriends key ignition-don't know how it's spelled. was broken so we had to take his car to a shop. l We didn't have all the money to fix it at the time so his mother decided to help us and then let us pay herr back when we get the money.Well she...
  9. Dogs
    I was at the website for CAAWS today, because I am considering doing some volunteer work for them. I saw that they are listed as one of the finalists for a large donation from Burger King. The winner of the donation is being determined by public vote. The Baton Rouge area has had a HUGE...
  10. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    News Article This is my feedback that I posted: I am very happy to hear the government is taking a step towards reducing the pet population, however, I think pet owners should have to purchase a license to breed. Thereafter, the pet should only be allowed a certain number of births per life...
  11. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    I went to a petsmart to get some algae eaters and decided to take a glance at the rats and mice. Well I saw a rat thats been there for a while and I was going to take her home. That was until I saw her eye,ears,tail and feet. She was scratching her eyes until it bled and her feet tail and ears...
  12. General Animal Discussion
    Ok, so with all the foods being recalled for dogs and cats, what in the heck am I supposed to feed my animals now? I mean, I'm still feeding Nutro because they seem fine on it. But will the symptoms be delayed? What do I do? :confused:
  13. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    I'm sure it's alright to re-post this myspace bulletin: I just got that Myspace bulletin, and it is great!
  14. The Water Cooler
    I need a list of all the recalled dog and cat foods for mom.She doesn't have a computer and wants a list handy.I looked,but cannot find any lists...all I find is the press release info.So could anyone help me?
  15. Dogs
    THE FOODS LISTED BELOW HAVE KILLED ATLEAST 10 DOGS. IT IS GIVING DOGS KIDNEY FAILURE Americas Choice, Preferred Pets Authority Award Best Choice Big Bet Big Red Bloom Bruiser Cadillac Companion Demoulas Market Basket Fine Feline Cat, Shep Dog Food Lion Giant Companion Great Choice Hannaford Hill...
  16. General Animal Discussion
    YouTube - Breaking Investigation: Pet Smart animal suppliers enough said
  17. Rabbit Discussion
    I decided to share my story in the hope it might help some else. My family got rabbits when I was six years old and they were totally my responcibility. I didn't know how to take care of them and they died within six months. My dad said it was my fault. I guess that was supposed to teach me...
  18. The Water Cooler
    Every year Ashley signs up for a ton of volunteer work and of course I go with her, since she was 8 she has been doing this, passing out food at the shelters, making food boxes at the community food bank...well this last Saturday we made boxes for thanksgiving at the community food bank and they...
  19. Vents and Rants
    alright. i was looking for a new avatar for another site i am registered on and i was searching google.. and i came across this site (i am not even going to mention it, as i do not want ANY ONE on here to see what i just saw).. let just say it was an all creature website. they were against...
1-19 of 141 Results