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  1. Dogs
    First off: Sorry this is really long! Our male maltese Mayo was bought back in July 2010 from a couple that had several maltese dogs (at least 1 mom and dad and about 8 or so puppies, we were told that Mayo was 8 months old). I know Maltese can't carry that many pups, so I'm assuming they...
  2. Cats
    Hi! I have a two year old Snowshoe Siamese named Koko. We got him maybe 2 months ago. He is very playful, very friendly, and very talkative. Probably about a month and a week ago, we had him neutered. He was fine at first, purring and happy. He loves to come lay on the couch with me and my...
  3. Prairie Dog Discussion
    I’m desperately in need of help... Some back story: I have two prairie dogs, Spiderman & Sweetie, 1 male 1 female and they are both almost 8 years old. I have had them since they were about 1 year old. They are healthy, have always had a proper PD diet of loose timothy hay, compressed cubes...
1-3 of 3 Results