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  1. Vents and Rants
    Okay, so today I went of the the US with my parents to do some shopping, and we went to the mall. Inside the mall there's a pet shop - not a chain one (looked more like a privately owned one). I went to the back of the store because, thats where more of the animals where.I looked of the pythons...
  2. Multiple Specie Breeders
    I breed guppies - if you are interested please PM me. Pick up only. Hello, one of my friends breeds guiena pigs..her username is Animal_Addict here. (No offence, but she doesnt know how to use to computer very well so I am going to post this for her) She asked me to post this for her, this is...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    My little girl, Princess is going to have "piglets" with my little boy, Dynamite. My family and I just started breeding guiena pigs. I know this isnt the Classifieds section, but I mainly made this thread in joy that we are going to have little piglets! I am studying up on it. PS I know baby...
  4. New Member Introductions
    HI, I am a new pet owner! This last year has been VERY differant for me! I went from being petless to an owner of 20 pets!!!!:tyvm:I LOVE pit bulls and horses! I have a dog that follows me around everywhere named Rupert! I got him at an animal shelter. He was the most beautiful dog there! He is...
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    We need some more Harriette pics! She is soo cute!
  6. Guinea Pig Discussion
    both are 2 months old pregnant! can't wait to see the babies :binkie:
  7. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I used to raise Guinea Pigs, so if anyone has any questions about them, just ask..
  8. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Got some great pigtures this morning of the babies. They're not even a whole day old yet.First is Bear and I know he's a boy for sure! Second is 2 pigtures of Bella who looks a lot like Bear. Then there is Buffy who...
  9. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hello! :) My name is Filipa and i am from Portugal. I´m Here to introduce you all of my guinea pig! :) i hope you like them! :) First the girls :) Minie: And this is Daisy: This is the "dad" of the home....His name is Calvin, and is a nice guinea pig...he came to my home so little...and...
  10. Pet Health Concerns
    Last night I discovered one of my baby guinea pigs had a swollen bottom.The area right beneath its anal opening is hard and seems to be filled with a smelly,thick, white discharge. I have applied warm, wet cloths to the area and expressed some of the gunk out but it is still yucky.:( Does...
  11. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Silver Bell, one of my pigs that I have in rescue delivered 3 beautiful pups at 4:15 this afternoon. Mom and pups are all doing well. She had 2 girls, and one boy; I am tossing Noelle, Joy and Nicholas in the air right now. However If you can think of some Christmasy names let me know!
  12. Chinchilla Discussion
    Well on March 31st My pink/white male and black velvet female(prince and raven) had two kits one was a 42g brown velvet (i think lol) and a little dark eyed white girl 33g. Well i was concerned for the little girl and had her into the vet by April 2. Vet had me give her mammalac KMR...
  13. Guinea Pig Discussion
    My daughter, who has a heart as hard as the rest of us for animals, has just bought her 4-year-old a guinea pig. Now, I know as well as anyone else that a 4 year old doesn't need a pet, just as I know that this is Erin's pet and not Zoe's. I had GP's many years ago when I was in high school...
1-14 of 15 Results