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  1. Dogs
    We found out our puppy has Parvo. he is fighting for his life at the vets. They first thought he had Salmonella because I use the BARF diet. Whn I took him to the vet last Friday morning, he was vomiting and had diarrhea. I had never had this vet before. When I told her I used the BARF diet. She...
  2. Dogs
    Many pet owners have at the very least heard mention of the unusual-sounding “B.A.R.F.” diet, but are unsure of what it entails and why one might even be interested in making the switch from commercial pet foods. What do the B.A.R.F. mean?
  3. Dogs
    I heard the term thrown around a bit,but what IS the raw food dog diet?
  4. Dogs
    Dog Food vs. Human Food What do you feed your dog? - Only dog food - Premium or non Premium - Only "human" food - Bones? Raw or cooked - Combo of dog food and "human food"
  5. Cats
    What food do you use and reccomend? Currently we feed a mix of Eukanuba, Iams, and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul depending on which cat. We also feed daily canned food, usually Natures Recipe, Eukanuba, and Whiskas (I bought a couple cans of Innova today while out shopping for g.p. food...
  6. Dogs
    As most of you know Biscuit is a complete pushover when it comes to her food. She lets Milko and Cindy eat it too. I never let Biscuit go hungry (I simply make extra now to accomodate all three of them). The way it seems to work in this house is that Cindy gets fed first (always has done..she...
  7. Dogs
    Sorry, I hope I am not going overboard. :blush: Look how hunky I am!!
  8. Dogs
    Does anybody feed their dogs wet food and if so how much??? In the UK all we ever fed our dogs on was wet food but over here it is more biscuits and I wanted my Indy to have wet food or I feel that he is not getting enough food so I give him a quarter of a huge tin and then the rest of the time...
  9. Dogs
    I have a ten year old golden retriever that has dealt with allergies for years. I've had her tested, and it turns out she is allergic to grass molds, fleas, and a few other assorted ..common things. This time of year is really tough on her. She has gotten so bad that she's getting...
  10. Dogs
    What do people think about giving dogs bones? I know that in all the cartoons dogs love bones but then mice love cheese so :confused: My gfs mum used to buy bones and cook them for her dog and then put them in the freezer. He would sit near the freezer every time he wanted one.
  11. Dogs
    We weighed Biscuit a month ago for her heartworm injection and she weighed 21.7kg....she has been at 19kg before and was a perfect weight. So I told my mum to stop killing her with banana's (Biscuit gets a banana as a mum will give her like three in one day! :lol: ) and I started...
  12. Cats
    Just curious as to whether anyone has looked into the BARF diet for their cats? I'm thinking about switching Milko on to it when he is an adult but was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with it? If not I'll just have to buy the book and then tell you guys all about it! :lol: I'm...
  13. Dogs
    Here's our Toy Fox Terrier Mighty! We've had him for almost six years now. He's a great loyal little (5 lb) dog with really bad breath!
  14. Dogs
    As some of you know, I'm new to this pet thing. Well, I was reading alot of posts about the different stuff that you guys are feeding your dogs. I thought that I was told not to give Cookie (3month old Yorkie) anything but his dog food. Is that wrong? Can he have people food, but fresh only...
  15. Dogs
    Is it normal for them to get sick? We started them out 3 days ago, but we are slowly doing a transition.....We have been feeding them chicken only (whole (cut up), legs, wings, etc.) to get them used to it, than we were going to work into adding other things over the next few weeks! The first...
  16. Dogs
    Since I'm still feeling way too chicken about the BARF Diet and still feeling way too weary of the popular brands, and trying real hard to find the most appropriate pre-made food I can due to my own fear of "screwing something up" I'm wondering if there's much opinion about this brand...
  17. Dogs
    I know this has been discussed in brief terms before here in PT, but I'm still very interested in learning more. After doing some online research here and there over the past few months, I have found myself more intrigued. I know there are several books out there and I'm sure by purchasing one...
  18. Cats
    Does anyone here have their kitties on prescription food? As many of you know, Sneakers is recovering from a urinary tract infection. The vet said he should be kept on prescription food for the rest of his life. That means my other two boys will be eating it as well, since I keep a bowl of dry...
  19. Dogs
    We recently adopted an abandoned Rott and he had lost alot of weight so he is lookin kinda lumpy. Any ideas on how to fatten him up alittle? I just know the neighbors think we just hate him because our other dogs are in great shape. Any input would help. Thanks Jeannie
1-19 of 43 Results