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  1. Dogs
    I love beagles, their eyes are too cute. They don't grow long fur so it isnt be a hustle to groom them or shave. And they are generally less aggressive and smaller than other dogs. I'm finding it hard to get one. What species do you think would be the closest approximation?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey, I'm kinda new here. My name is Rosa and I'm a dog owner. I currently have one pet, a rescue beagle. She's so cute and sweet and I love her. I am also going to get two gerbils. Any beagle or gerbil owners should message me! Thanks:wave:
  3. Dogs
    Hi All, My beagle is usually a happy go lucky dog with his tail ALWAYS up. 2 weeks ago, he jumped off the bed (at least this is how I think he did it) and hurt his back. His tail is no longer wagging and it always droops. He can hold the base of it up when he relieves himself but hates to go...
  4. Dogs
    I thought I would share my 3 dogs with you all. Enjoy :) First up is Brownie my Boxer/pitbull mix
  5. Dogs
    Here is Ivy (my foster) and Coco (Purple-Hops' dog) having a play. More coming...
  6. Dogs
    This is current foster dog.
  7. Ivy

    Look who is coming to stay with me tommorrow! :D
  8. Dogs
    Here are some pictures I took last night of my foster boy Cabot.He was sleeping weirdly.He was also dreaming and I tried taking a video,but it was too dark and then he woke up and looked unimpressed that I was taking pics of him! :hehe: More coming...
  9. Dogs
    So in about an hour or so,I will be getting another foster dog.A 13 yr old beagle. I cannot wait,as I took abit of a break from fostering and haven't had a foster dog since September! So it's been a minute since I had a foster.I will be sure to post pictures once I get her!
  10. Dogs
    So the two boys,Dylan and Presley went to another home today.Well I just got a new foster boy about an hour ago. His name is Martin and he is about 8 yrs old.I knew him when he first came to Beagle Paws,when I was doing shifts at the office/kennel.Poor Martin has been at the rescue over 1 yr...
  11. Dogs
    So you remember Denny? I just fostered him not too long ago.Well I got an email from his new adoptive family today! They thanked me for fostering him and giving him TLC! And then they gave me their email and said they would update me anytime I want with pictures and whatnot! I just thought...
  12. Dogs
    So Denny JUST left to go to another home. He actually went back to his first foster owners.He was being fostered by someone else before I got him.And he came to me because she went out of town.She came back and wanted to foster Denny again. I am taking in two more dogs again later tonight though.
  13. Dogs
    Here are a few pictures of my foster boy,Denny enjoying a tartar buster! For anyone wondering...the bag is to protect his paw and excuse the carpet.It wasn't vacumned,because I am having issues with my vacumn not working well. More coming...
  14. Dogs
    Some newer Denny (current foster beagle) pics! This is his paw. He had to have two toes amputated.It is healing up and he can walk on it no problem,it mainly just looks bad now.But it is healing up.I just have to prevent him from chewing/licking at it,which has proven to be quite easy...
  15. Dogs other foster,Jack went to another foster home today and we did a switch.The reason why,the rescue had this little guy and he doesn't like ANY other dogs and they had nowhere for him to go,where there were no dogs.Because Jack likes dogs,they switched and put Jack in another home that...
  16. Dogs
    So my foster boy,Jack went to the vet this morning to get fixed! He came back at around 4pm.He is sleeping now and super tired.He was also very thristy when he came home.But otherwise everything went fine. Just wanted to share! Jack's surgery went well! :) Now once he heals - hopefully someone...
1-16 of 16 Results