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  1. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Our hamster passed away a little bit ago. She was out first one and we were heart broken. I sent my husband yesterday to the shelter with the cages, and other misc. items to be donated. Well, he came home with SIX hamsters. I am hoping someone can help me with some questions. Our hamster was...
  2. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hi - I bought a pregnant teddy bear hamster (knowingly) from our local pet store. She had 13 babies 4 days later. They are now 7 weeks, and I had separated the males/females at 5 weeks. Mom is with the females. One of the females was a runt (significantly so) and it took forever for her to...
  3. Teen Scene
    hi,i'll just start it off i have..also pics are greatly appreciated 1, 8 1/2 year old,boston terrier named dexter and soon a sky blue budgie male,named sonic
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    my parents think rats are dirty sewer animals but i love them and i want one so bad. what can i say to make them change their minds? HELP!! give me your best... i need it!! La La, Jomance23:confused:
  5. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    hey my name is jenn im new to this site. i just got a female syrian hamster yesterday for my son. Hes 2 1/2 course i care for her but he loves her. and hes very gentle with her. i dont let him grab her only pet her. this is my 2nd one i had a male teddy bear hamster a few years ago, he died of...
  6. New Member Introductions name is Nikki and I'm an animal addict. I gravitate to them everywhere I go. I wish that I had a bigger house and yard so that I could have my own little petting zoo. I am a stay at home mom and cake decorator. I have 3 human babies and one grown human baby, who I also refer to as my...
  7. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    okay, ya'll :talk:, i just got a new hamster, peanut butter (she's adorable)! I've heard different stuff about whether you can bath them or not. Can you bath them and if you can how do you? Thanks for your help!
  8. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    does any one have any information on black bear hamsters,because where i stay they have them at this petstore called petland.and they are very sweet.and i've never had an hamster before and i've been researching getting one for a while,any info would be great on the black bears hammies ,bye!
  9. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hello! I have alot of Campbells Dwarf Hamsters! I love the little guys! I have a few rescues and fosters and other for adoption now if anyone is in NY! How many hamsters does everyone have? What kinds? I just got my first Syrian and shes a sweetie, but I must say my dwarfs are just the best!
  10. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    hi,i'am considering a teddy bear hamster,can anyone give me any information on them,and if possible good websites to go and research them,thanks bye
  11. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Need a Little Help - Back in August I got my nephew two so called male hamsters for his birthday...... and well, today we found out that he has a male and a female hamster (instead of two males) for there is a baby in the cage. What needs to be done now, as we were not expecting this...
  12. Pet Health Concerns
    I can't belive this! I lost my hamster Luna in september to wet tail, and my black bear hamster died of cancer in late october. Now, Luna's sister sable is showing the same symptoms that Luna did:( I don't know what to do! I gave her the dri-tail medicine last night when I noticed her bottom was...
  13. Pet Health Concerns
    I noticed this afternoon that my hamster Luna's stomach is very bloated. She looks like shes pregnant!! She cant be because I do not own any male hamsters and she has never been in contact with a male hamster. She also seems to be in pain. I also notice that around her bottom area it was yellow...
  14. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hi everyone! I know we are all animal lovers here on this site so i was just wondering what kind of rodents do you have and pefer? What are their names and how old are they? Also if you have other animals feel free to put them too! =] <33
  15. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    I own three female syrian hamsters. First is Kagome, my black bear hamster who is an escape artist:), and my sister hamsters Sable and Luna, who are still babies:):):) I will post pictures soon:):):)
  16. Pet Health Concerns
    Please help me! My 11 month old black bear hamster has a swollen leg and foot. She is putting weight on the leg and walking just fine. She isnt limping either. Please help me figure out what I should do
  17. Animals in Need
    Hello! My friend is giving away five Guiena Pigs and two hamsters for free. They are in Washington STATE and pick up only. Remember, FREE. Three females and two males. Black and White female, about 5 months old. Brown and white runt female, about 5 months old. Brown and white male...
  18. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    :confused::( Willow Has Escaped! I am so upset but I have look everywhere ovious.ANY ESCAPE IDEAS TO FIND FIND?? Post Quickley
  19. General Rodent Chat
    I thought it would be fun for everyone to post about their very first pet rodent :D. Mine was Ginger, a Syrian hamster. I think I got her when I was in fourth grade. She was really sweet and acted like a little dog :). Once she escaped and I didn't know until I was in my room getting dressed...
1-19 of 112 Results