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  1. Dogs
    I wanted to take some pictures to share... So I took Boo over to play with Stella. Oh and Stella (the harlequin) is Mel's (a member here) Great Dane, not mine. :) Hope you enjoyed!
  2. Dogs
    Ricky is adopted to his new home.He will be going to BC tommorrow morning! :D I am happy that he is adopted.He now has a forever home.Also he wasn't really fitting in here.My lifestyle doesn't match up with Ricky.He is hyper and hates to be alone.I often go out and he hates it and becomes...
  3. Dogs
    Anyone else hear of tasmaskan dogs? They were JUST introduced to America like 2 years ago, if that...they are basically mutts turned into a real breed (mix of GS, Husky, etc). They are bred to look exactly like wolves, but have extremely pleasant and reliable temperments...that way, people will...
  4. Dogs
    I've entered kaiser into a best looking dog competition but he needs votes. Please vote for him, all you need to do is click the link and go to the bottom and click G for kaiser in the table
  5. Dogs
    i got a new digital camera for christmas and they are my insparation youll be seeing alot of pics from now on
  6. Dogs
    sorry i must have copied the wrong thing
  7. Dogs
    Boy has Lola grown! She was a little, big headed girl with so much extra skin that it could bury her-and in a few weeks...she's a big headed girl, with a huge body and still enough skin that it could bury her! She is the prettiest blue girl. And Roscoe (the red pit) is better than ever. He is...
  8. Dogs
    I am considering getting a dog, and I have looked at several breeds, and I am looking for one to do chores with me at my barn. I looked into the blue lacy and I've tried to research information about it, and I've been getting the same thing. Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on this...
  9. Dogs
    I wanted to introduce my dogs to everyone. This is Hannah, my Mastiff/Rott/GSD mix. She’s around 3-4 years old and just a little baby. She’s just finally getting the hang of that not pulling while on a leash thing and is walking beside me beautifully now. This was just after her first bath...
  10. Dogs
    Here are some pics for you! I love takin' pics. These are to good not to share! This is Delilah. My uncles pit bull. She just got over an allergic reaction, so if she looks a lil beat up thats why. And this is Bruno. He is also my uncles. He is a lab mix.
  11. Dogs friends' grandma's dog... Jindo...a stray from my uncle's dog pregnant..this gorgeous boy was very hungry and had a very near imbedded color, I got the collar off with plyers and luckily it wasnt in his skin yet. I got him on a leash and gave him a new collar and...
  12. Dogs
    More beagle pictures! :D Griffin (my boy - he has been with us over 6 months now) and Marcus Marcus Diego Bo,Marcus and Diego All of these dogs are up for adoption BTW.
  13. New Member Introductions
    :) HI ! I (Dreamdogs) and my S:Husky & Apbt will say Hello to all peoples here on this forum. :) Im new member here today. so here are my beatiful dogs !
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello all peoples ! Im Beckie and Im a dog owner. and a new member here on this forum to. :) here are my gorgeous dogs and they are a Siberian Husky girl and a Apbt boy.
  15. Dogs
    lucy being a easter bunny (borrowed the ears from my brothers lass lol) kaiser as a easter bunny...he wasn't very happy tara as a easter bunny... which is tiring work lol oh well easter's over now anyway kaiser sunning himself and falling asleep sitting up playing tug tara is soo...
  16. Dogs
    I was going to wait another week before posting this, but I just had to share my news now. We put in applications to adopt a rescue dog awhile ago and we got a call about a week and a half ago. Helen is approximately 3-4 years old and was picked up from a shelter about a year ago by the Bull...
  17. Dogs
    On monday I brought Phoenix to my mom's place to visit (she loved that idea <--Sarcasm) She doesn't like big dogs in the house, but Phoenix hates being left outside unless I'm with her, she's a big sucky and loves her mama :D . Anyway, my mom has a little pomeranian, Wesley. Both of our dogs...
  18. Dogs
    Did a shift at the BP office/kennel today and decided to share some pictures...all of these dogs are up for adoption BTW! Candy Griffon...this guy is verrry timid,but won my heart by cuddling into me when I was sitting on the floor...he is VERY scared of strange people,but took right to me...
  19. Dogs
    So, I havent posted any pictures of my pooches so I thought I would =]. I ahve two dogs that are 'mine', but we have 6 dogs total in our house hold. My two dogs are Sheeta; a german shepard/red wolf mix, and Skylar; a golden retriever/basset hound/german shep. mix. lol. Anyway I went a bit photo...
1-20 of 109 Results