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  1. Dogs
    Hey, My little guy, Mason, is a purebred Bichon Frise and he just got his first hair cut. We used really gentle shampoo (brought it in specifically and he has never had a problem with it when we have just given him baths in the past,) but he just seems SO uncomfortable. He can't stop licking...
  2. Dogs
    I have an 8 1/2 week old Bichon Frise puppy named Mason. He is very active and playful, but it doesn't seem like he is eating enough. How much should he be eating for each meal at this age? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Dogs
    hi,:wavey: i am new to this site. i have a beautiful 4 yr old bichon frise that i have had since he was a pup. i love that little fellow with all my heart and dont know what i'd do without him. he has brought such joy into my life and families life. i sware he's more human than animal.:) i...
1-3 of 3 Results