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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am a very proud owner of a cat,dog,bird,two degus and two guinea pigs. Our dog is 3 years old, his name is shadow. Cat: Simba-3months Bird:Chilly-2 years Degus: Cinnamon & Basil- 4months Guinea pigs: Porky and Momma- 1 year(no pic) Heres some pics.:D:rolleyes::)
  2. Animals in the Wild
    hi i'm faced with a problem last night my mother bought a home a baby green/gold finch after finding it being circled by some crows it had fallen from its nest with no parents in sight. unfortunatly somehow i have being designated to look after it and i have no idea what to do i have managed to...
  3. Bird Discussion
    Please give me your estimate on how old my cockatiel is. Here is a discription of him - yellow face -grayish pink legs -grayish pink nostrils -orange dots ( ears) :lol: -yellow crest -very vocal -eats alot -gray beak -brown eyes Thank you!
  4. Bird Discussion
    My dad owns a male umbrella cockatoo who is 8 years old and my dad told me that at night sometimes he screams, which is normal for a bird at night that i have heard, and my dad will yell at Harry to go back to bed so that he doesnt wake the baby. But ever since my dad moved into the new...
  5. Animals in the Wild
    Hi guys! My name is Audun, and I love to photograph. One of my main interests is wildlife! I here give you mt small collection of photos I've taken, all in Norway, different areas. audunkrogstad . com Go to galleries then wildlife
  6. Bird Discussion
    Hey I am looking for either Java Finches or Shaft-Tailed Finches or Gouldian Finches. I live in Toronto so something close by would be nice but I am willing to drive a bit to get them. Let me know. Thanks
  7. Bird Discussion
    Long story short, I have two house sparrow eggs that dont have a mother. is it possible to put them into another house sparrows nest?
  8. Vet Recommendations
    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laurie Hess, and I am a board-certified bird veterinarian who specializes in the care of exotic animals (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, degus, reptiles, sugar gliders, rats, mice, amphibians, other...
  9. Bird Discussion
    So my boyfriend and I went to the post office today on bike and we stopped by mcdonalds for some water. When I was parking my bike I looked down( I have awful vision) and thought I saw huge gump of gum. so i moved my bike in closer only to see the Gump of gum twitch lol you couldnt imagine how...
  10. Bird Discussion
    Hi Everyone :) I recently rescued a Quaker parrot (approximately 4 years old) from someone who was just going to let him loose in the desert. I've had him for almost a week now, and he starting to settle in. I've discovered he likes music, and if I play some for him he will eventually come...
  11. The Water Cooler
    Was wondering what you people thought of these devices, and whether their use is morally sound. Some people will roll their eyes and exclaim "they're only mice" but I don't buy that excuse as a reason to disregard cruel acts, let alone commit them. Here is my take on these traps, based on my...
  12. Bird Discussion
    What do your birds do to make you laugh? At night, my birds, not including the new one, Micah, argue with each other. Armaggedon will say "Hey, shut up your butt, Issie!" Missie will say "Shut up bad, Geddon!" It's hilarious. Army (Armaggedon) will also come up, quietly, then all of a sudden I...
  13. Bird Discussion
    I got one yesterday!, Finally. His name is Mandarin :P I know Corny, big personality, loves to be pet. loves to cuddle. its strange i didnt expect it to happen at all, let alone so fast. As for him weaving, i just left some straw in there and he did the rest, and its pretty big. size of 2 fists...
  14. Chinchilla Discussion
    Okay, so I read somewhere that chinchillas shouldn't be kept outside because they can get diseaces from birds. Is this true? I've never read anything abut WHAT they can get, just that this is not good, and it just seams far out IMO. If you have any info on this being right, please give me the...
1-14 of 18 Results