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  1. Animals in the Wild
    Group of friendly birds let me get close up to them to film this video
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hy there. I am new here. I am pet blogger and writer. i love to write on pets and i love pets. Hope this community is best for discussions. :|:wink3:
  3. Memorials
    Me and a bunch of my friends were taking a little walk and we found two little birds. They were both still alive but very bloody and battered up. My friend happened to have a bag in her backpack so, she used that to pick them up. They clearly would not survive so we buried them (not alive but...
  4. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Okay so sum of you may have gotten to read my other thread : Do I have a Right to be Mad About This? by HomeworkCrazy under Animal Welfare and Legal Issues if you haven't already read thru it I would suggest you do so before answering to this so me and my 3friends may like to go about writing...
  5. Bird Discussion
    There is no rule that says you have to feed your pet bird organic bird food, but there is an up and coming trend that allows owners to pamper their avian with 100% natural seed. Bird seed is essentially just that seeds taken from plants and packaged together to make a healthy combination of food...
  6. Animals in the Wild
    My cat killed a house sparrow today, She left behind two eggs. My question is, Can I sneak the eggs into another house sparrows nest? I do not want them to die and I have seen the father around anywhere, And Its been at least 4 hours since they last had heat.. Please help.. I know alot of people...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I am the owner of 2 shelter cats Cloie & Maddy. Cloie just turned 2 on Saturday and Maddy is 8 months. They are my babies and I love them very much! They also love each other and get along great. I am also the owner of furryfriendhut. Online Pet Supply Store and Pet Resource Center.
  8. Animals in the Wild
    I have these awesome hummingbirds that come around. I had one feeder that didn't attract any. I was told to strengthen the formula to help draw them to it. Then I got ants...YUCK. Anyway these cool little fellas are just awesome to wake up to but I absolutely suck at attracting them. Help?
  9. Bird Discussion
    I took these pictures when I was in Florida. They were near the water with ducks and Cormorants.
  10. Rescues
    Do you know an Animal Hoarder? Animal hoarders are people who own more animals than they can care for. It's a problem that can endanger both animals and the people trying to care for them: filthy living conditions, animal neglect, social isolation, untreated psychological disorders. Each year...
  11. Bird Discussion
    Ok I have been think for a little while now that I would like to get a bird. I am close to making up my mind. I am between a Cocktail or a lovebird was thinking about a Parakeet but the main reason for that is the colors. I know there are a lot of differences but I can not deside So which one...
1-11 of 14 Results